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    Re: TOEFL minimums at Top 10

    Based on a few international friends' experience with applying to top 10 programs, I believe it's unlikely that these departments systematically use TOEFL as a filter (above and beyond their...
  2. Re: Would full-time RA improve my chance of going to a top program?

    Yep, seems like 1-2 years as full time RA is the best option.
  3. Re: Graduate Coursework -- PhD Real Analysis vs PhD Micro

    Between your two choices, I'd absolutely take PhD micro over a course around Rudin's RCA. The fact that you're studying from RCA, by yourself, shows that you have sufficient math preparation for any...
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    Re: LSE EME Preparation

    Hayashi is quite advanced and Wooldridge is similar to a reference text. They may be overkill.

    I think a thorough study of Rudin and Casella-Berger - e.g. solving 1/3 of the problems by yourself -...
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    Re: Profile Review/Where should I apply to?

    Strength of your profile hinges on your future grades in Analysis I and Grad Micro I. You should really bump this thread in early December (or whenever you know your fall grades) and ask for a...
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    Re: Preparing for Graduate Micro

    Apart from all the other advice mentioned -- You should be prepared for the very real possibility that you will drop the course; i.e. you should have a reserve option ready. You do have the necessary...
  7. Re: (Profile) Korean Undergraduate looking for graduate programs to apply abroad.

    It's unlikely you'll need supplemental math courses if you finished a rigorous econ degree at SNU.

    This type of advice is usually given to American undergrads. American undergrad econ programs...
  8. Re: CIA or CEA internship during MA program??

    Why not apply to both, then ask for advice after you've received offers with details of funding and work requirement?
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    Re: The Truth About Top 10 Admissions

    OP's advice seems correct and valid to me, and we should appreciate that someone with his/her credentials/experience took the time to type it out.

    Personally, in all my years at a top 5 program,...
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    Re: Real Analysis on Transcript

    Take it anyway. If you've self-studied through the text and gotten A's in MWG-based courses, then it will take very little time (e.g. 3-5 hours per week) to ensure an A. But the rate of return for...
  11. Re: Do econ Ph.D adcoms care about research in other fields?

    Do they care? Yes, it's a plus, conditional on you meeting all the standard criteria for a typical top 10-15 econ admit (from an US undergrad) -- i.e. economics major AND [ 1-2 years of part-time...
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    Re: publication before PhD?

    Judging from your profile (and the private messages you sent me), I don't think a second-tier publication will help your admissions prospects in any meaningful way.

    Your senior co-authors will...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation - PhD in Economics

    I think your tone is justified. That poster, applicant12, was probably putting too much weight on specific grades in specific courses. I actually remember looking at this thread last year, typing up...
  14. Re: Profile Evaluation Phd Econ or Finance

    General response: You're in great shape, and will almost certainly be admitted to multiple top 15 econ/finance programs.

    Specific responses:
    (1) No, I don't think tenure status is important;...
  15. Re: Undergraduate Research: What's most useful?

    I think both are underpaid.

    Controlling for hours, undergrad RA work may pay $0-$30,000 per year, predoctoral RA work tends to pay $20,000-$50,000 per year. But with the same data/programming...
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