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  1. Re: V: 163, Q: 162, AWA: 6.0—and I thought I did horribly!

    Hi Topher,
    I am considering taking the test from home, and would love to hear your advice.

    Kind Regards,
  2. Re: Requesting feedback on GRE AWA issue essay

    I am not an expert, only a fellow test-taker. What I provide is simply my opinion.

    Overall, your introduction is strong. I would hesitate to use too many GRE vocabulary because you need a mastery...
  3. Re: GRE Issue AWA (Please provide feedbacks/rating - Thank you)

    I am not an expert, only a fellow GRE test-taker.

    The introduction seems well written, however the second to last sentence would be more convincing if it ends with a declaration, not a question...
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