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  1. Re: GRE Results for PhD in England - Retake or not?

    Definitely retake the GRE if you're applying to those places. The cost is inconsequential if it helps you not get screened at the earlier stages of the application process. The verbal and AW score...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation 2021 - Thanks!

    You should also check out Warwick. They also have direct entry into their MRes/PhD programme; they basically split up the first 2 years of coursework (core + field courses) into the MRes, and the...
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    Re: Scholarship for Masters in Economics

    CEMFI no longer offer scholarships for their masters students, if I recall correctly. BGSE and Bocconi offer merit-based tuition waivers (25%-100%). For these 2, your chances are much higher if you...
  4. Re: Profile Evaluation 2021 fall - Indian with research and teaching experience

    Just as an FYI, a strong letter is one that can credibly speak to your potential to do research, as that's the only metric that isn't so easily quantifiable in your application package. These are...
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    Re: Need advice on what to do next

    Use the standard template to post your profile, with your questions at the bottom. Most people will be put off when encountering a huge wall of text like this. You'll get more responses this way.
  6. Re: Is an Econ PhD right for me given my interests, qualifications and abilities?

    Whether the course material is at a PhD level or not depends on the reference textbooks. What constitutes as PhD-adjacent for one person might not be the case for another. If your courses use the...
  7. Re: Profile Evaluation for fall 2020 - thanks in advance!!

    Just a couple things to note. This is a Fall '21 profile, since you'll be entering in the Fall of 2021, to avoid any confusion. The Fall 20 cohort has already begun their classes.

    Anyway, given...
  8. Re: Profile Evaluation (for switch to econ MASTERS)

    Based on your reported interests, is there any concrete reason as to why you'd want to go for an econ PhD programme, explicitly? I ask because you'd have a much easier time getting into a PPol PhD...
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    Re: RA ship vs. Advanced course in MA

    Post your profile using the template. It'll convey all the important information in a much easier manner.

    It'll also help to list down the reference textbook for this Advanced Econometrics​ course.
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    Re: Mentioning Math papers in Econ SOP?

    While I can't speak of how adcoms perceive it, it definitely seems like a poor use of time. Echoing what's said above, a single polished paper is better than two mediocre ones; quality over quantity....
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    Re: University of Georgia

    It's known for Health Econ.
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    Re: Profile Evaluation

    Given your current grades, and the fact that you come from a Top 20, there's no real reason to apply to schools below Top 40, in my opinion. It'll be a waste of money. Just focus your application on...
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    Re: Interesting statistics

    The admit number will always be higher than the final entering class since people who get into top 40 schools, for example, will usually hold multiple offers, and adcoms know that.
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    Re: Interesting statistics

    A sizeable portion of applicants apply to more than 5 schools each year. If we were to assume that an applicant receives 1.5 offers on average (very conservative), the acceptance rate would fall to...
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    Re: Visa Issues for Fall 2020 Cohort

    Mine's actually the reverse. Flights are available right now, but the US Visa Office has suspended all routine nonimmigrant visa appointments. I've been stuck in the cancelled/reschedule appointment...
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