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  1. Re: Has anyone tried those leaked real GMAT problems?

    totally unrelated to the OP. OP, sounds like these are really useful to have! Able to PM any contacts?
  2. Re: Math tasks ordered by difficulty level for GMAT / GRE / SAT

    let me know if you do find such a resource, it would be useful for students as well!
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    Re: confusion in postponing gre

    i had the impression you could use your old passport for the exam as well?
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    Re: GRE Average score

    other than the top schools, an average GRE should be sufficient to get you to where you want to be, assuming the other sections of your applicant are solid
  5. Re: GMAT: How is the GMAT scored? First questions worth more?

    i've always had the impression that the first few questions mattered the most, and some guide books have said so as well. how certain are we on this?
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