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  1. Re: What is Bocconi University's standing in the field of strategic management?

    Bocconi is an excellent school. In my opinion for faculty, INSEAD / Harvard / Wharton are basically top 5 institutions in strategy. HEC/Bocconi are just a notch below (but still very good, and in...
  2. Re: How does an engineering PhD look on the management job market?

    What are your other offers?
  3. Re: How does an engineering PhD look on the management job market?

    Stanford's Management Science & Engineering program has great faculty. The Center on Work, Technology, and Organization is amazing if you are interested in strategy type research / org theory.

  4. Sticky: Re: 2020 PhD Applicant Sweat Thread

    My school has sent out offers but no one has posted on GradCafe...
  5. Sticky: Re: 2020 PhD Applicant Sweat Thread

    IMO it is more about being able to think like a researcher. As one professor (bluntly) put it: Don't get married to 1 idea too early (especially when you don't know what you don't know)

    The type...
  6. Re: Applying in 2-3 years. Any advice to improve profile?

    The first problem of sharing data with someone not at the bank is something that many researchers have addressed in past -- so there are ways. I think it is about the approach and actually highly...
  7. Re: Applying in 2-3 years. Any advice to improve profile?

    Well, like I mentioned: could you get the data? If so, you could approach the professor and say I have data on X, I thought it could be an interesting extension of some of the work you have done....
  8. Re: Applying in 2-3 years. Any advice to improve profile?

    If you are interested in applied economics maybe you could check out strategic management (although I think everyone should ..;) ) - the job market is much better than econ and you can work on a lot...
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    UTDallas "Per Capita" Rankings

    Hello everyone,

    You may be interested in this that has been circulating around:

    Management (STRAT-ENT-ORG) UTD Rankings Per Capita | Leeds School of Business | University of Colorado Boulder
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    Re: 6th year funding

    Interesting because I have heard that some institutions are now trying to push people through in 4 for budgetary reasons.

    My school funds for 5 years. It is possible to extend beyond that, but you...
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    Re: Can I apply to other schools?

    What was the exact reason? The management community is small (especially at the top). Is it not possible to mend things up with the old school?
  12. Re: Concurrent PhDs in 2 countries and 2 universities

    There is no way this could work. You are trying to take on what are essentially two full-time jobs in two different countries.

    Not to even start with thinking you could write two theses ...
  13. Re: Profile Evaluation - OB (need advice going forward!)

    That is wonderful news! Congratulations!
  14. Re: 1st year Econ phd student in her early 30s looking to move to strategy programs

    I think it is interesting because you will have the technical skills to do strategy work, but many strategists like to think of themselves as "economists" (quotes there for a reason ...), so I can...
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    Re: 2019 PhD Applicant Sweat Thread

    Is it your only offer or by far the best one?

    It doesn't hurt to tell them that you really want to go there -- even if you are the only student for the cohort. If you don't ask, it sounds like...
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