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  1. Re: When should I start looking for accommodation

    Check out Craigslist for the area you are looking to move to. They generally have a lot of apartments that aren't on the main rental sites (like rent.com and apartments.com). If you're looking to...
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    Re: PhD Skype Interviews

    Good luck! Be yourself and be as calm and confident as you possibly can.
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    Re: Admission chance after interview

    It's hard right, and it doesn't get any easier. As someone who went through faculty job interviews, I will tell you that the nerves don't lessen. I've had a ton of interviews in my life between a...
  4. Re: How to find graduation and placement rates?

    Yeah, schools are reticent to post their placement rates and I would be very surprised to see any schools post information on those leaving the program. The reality is that schools don't want you...
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    Re: I got a job

    It feels great.
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    I got a job

    After 8 years of graduate school, I made it to the other side. Because of anonymity I'm not going to share the school with everyone, but I'm beyond excited about it. It's in a dream location for my...
  7. Re: Should I emphasize location pref. in response to the question "why this program?"

    I probably wouldn't emphasize it. A line or two at the bottom wouldn't hurt, but it also probably wouldn't help. As far as I know, schools aren't as concerned about getability of students at the...
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    Re: 2019 PhD Applicant Sweat Thread

    Go ahead and start it. The administrators will likely pin it once they move the 2019 thread. Good luck by the way!
  9. Re: How are those of you with no business background preparing to start your PhD?

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    Re: PhD/Prelims Question

    I have heard of some people moving schools. In general, I've heard that yes you have to start over as a 1st year and take classes all over. I imagine, though, that this is program, school and...
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    Re: PhD Marketing Ranking Discussion

    Truer words have rarely been spoken on here. All of your tier 1 and tier 2 schools will place you well.
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    Re: CB Marketing Rankings

    A top tier school will place you equally as well as another top tier school. Rankings only matter in terms of tiers. Go with your gut, work hard and you'll do as well at Wharton as you would at...
  13. Re: What is a good funding offer for PhD in Business schools?

    Different schools call positions different things.

    RA = Research Assistant
    TA = Teaching Assistant
    PA = Project Assistant

    The difference between RA and PA is largely meaningless. ...
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    Re: PhD Offer Aceeptance

    If the school is part of the grad council (or whatever the group is called) they're supposed to let you have until April 15. That being said, they may not hold it for you.

    If it is your top choice...
  15. Re: What is a good funding offer for PhD in Business schools?

    I don't know specifically how things would go down and I get the feeling that it would be different based on the school and the culture. I think you would make a stronger case if you came in with a...
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