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    Re: Age factor in PhD Application

    I'm 48, in the 5th year of a Marketing PhD. And I certainly know people older than me. I don't think that age itself is a problem. Maybe for some schools, but not in general.

    However, there are...
  2. Re: GRE or GMAT for PhD in Management / Organizational Behavior

    I don't know if there is difference specifically for Management/OB. But, at least at the business school where I'm doing a PhD, GMAT is the standard when they show us data regarding the new PhD...
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    Re: Guidance on choosing research areas

    I'm in Quant Marketing/Strategy.

    1 - What has been your timeline for narrowing down research questions?
    First, it's important to notice that I had a good idea about my research interests and who...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation

    For # 3, I think you're still missing the point.

    You wrote what you want to research. But I have no idea WHY you want to do that. Motivation is not what you want to do, is why you want to do...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation

    I get the feeling that you barely started the process to apply, and you still have a long road ahead. I will comment on a few things below:

    1 - GRE. Unofficial tests are not reliable. And 160+...
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    Re: Laptop Question for OB PhD

    I don't have recommendations for laptops or specs, and I'm not in OB. But have you checked how things works in your department? Because maybe you need take that into consideration.

    For example, I...
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    Re: PhD in Accounting with a low GPA

    GPA is just one of the factors, and usually far from the most important one. I wouldn't worry too much about it, and also there isn't much you can do about it anyway. My undergrad GPA also converts...
  8. Re: Profile Evaluation- PhD in Strategy (Fall 2022)

    Q1 and Q2

    It's hard to say. Top 30 are usually considered very, very competitive, a crapshoot even for applicants with near perfect profiles.

    I don't know why you are aiming at top 30 and why...
  9. Re: I would love an Evaluation! Management/OB 22.

    I'll push you a little hard, ok? Some professors may be harsh, so I think it's good to be ready for hard questions.

    And I'll use examples from other fields, to avoid influencing you with bad...
  10. Re: I would love an Evaluation! Management/OB 22.

    Before I start, I'm in marketing, not OB. But my research has some connections with OB.

    As you said, not a traditional profile. You need to really think how you're going to sell your application....
  11. Re: Self Doubt

    I'm not in Finance, but maybe my experience and perspective can be useful.

    I applied to 20 programs in the US, I was rejected by 19. PhD applications can be amazingly competitive. Being accepted...
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    Re: PHD Finance Application

    Well, one could write a whole book about the application process. So, I don't know how could we help you. There are tons of things to consider, and you didn't tell us much.

    I think you need to do...
  13. Sticky: Re: Fall 2021 PhD start - PhD Applicant Sweat Thread

    April 15th is related to a resolution from the Council of Graduate Schools. In short, it means that applicants have until April 15th to accept an offer (if the school follows the resolution). So, for...
  14. Re: Profile evaluation for PhD in Management/Managerial Economics

    For business PhD, any decent program should be fully funded. So, that part isn't an issue.

    I was reading your profile, and it seemed to be going ok until I saw that you are only targeting top 20....
  15. Re: Profile Evaulation - PhD in Marketing (Quantitative)

    "Number of programs planned to apply to: 5-6"

    - Really low number for business PhD applications. Usually we see numbers like 15. If you only apply to 5-6, you should know your chances are not...
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