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  1. Thanks for everyone's replies. I agree with you...

    Thanks for everyone's replies. I agree with you all- there is no substitute for good 'ol practice and studying. I think I will keep trying to do it on my own (with guidance from all the wonderful...
  2. GRE Weekend Prep courses...anyone taken one?

    I am thinking about taking a GRE weekend prep course, and I am wondering if it is going to be worth the money. They are typically 35-40 hour weekend courses, and cover all aspects of the GRE and...
  3. Starting to prepare for QUANT...where to start?


    I am just beginning to study for the Quant section for the general GRE exam. I have nooo idea where to start and which books are best.

    Does anyone have any preferences with respect to...
  4. Writing GRE psychology beginning of December 2005


    I will be writing my GRE at the beginning of December, and I am wondering if anyone has some tips for studying and writing the actual exam.

    - I plan on writing the general test one...
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