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    Re: Vocabulary Building for SAT GMAT

    It's going to be tough to build something that others don't have already. I personally like using Anki for remembering various bits of information, so I'd suggest spaced repetition.

    This guy has...
  2. Thread: I am a New Member

    by Erin

    Re: I am a New Member

    Hi! Not a problem posting an essay that you wrote. We just don't want people posting entire books. (This was a much bigger issue back in the 2000s than it is now.)
  3. 5 things you can do right now, during COVID-19, for your college applications

    Just wrote this article:

    You can be sure that a few months from now, when high school seniors are writing their college applications, everybody, their brother, and their dog will be writing about...
  4. Thread: Rochester Housing

    by Erin

    Re: Rochester Housing

    Hey there, Shadowgun. It appears your account may have been compromised. I've had to 'muzzle' you for the time being. Please let me know if you can get it sorted.

    Here's what was on this page...
  5. [Resolved] Re: How to check the status of moderation process and revise and resubmit my post?

    It took a while, but I created a test account to see what happens on your end.

    Unfortunately, the forum software doesn't have a way for you to view your 'status' while you're waiting for your post...
  6. Re: I have posted twice in the PhD forum in Economics and I still can't see my posts.

    Hi there. Sorry for the delay; happens sometimes.

    Can you check now, please? Thanks for your patience. :)
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