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  1. Thread: I got a job

    by Granps

    Re: I got a job

    Wonderful news!!
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    Re: GRE score high enough? Or retake?

    I am not sure anyone can be sure. But here's mine. I got 163V 168Q 4.5W and am studying in one of those T10 OB programs. Some schools have a higher historical mean (e.g., Wharton), but in my program...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation_Fall2019_OB

    Hi agilist,

    Regarding your first question, don't. It seems high enough to get you where you want to go. I have the same scores as you do and I had interviews with two of the schools you listed...
  4. Re: Current/graduated students: first year advice and overcoming imposter feeling

    Yup. There is a saying in the Talmud that goes 'Heve zanav la'arayot, ve'al yehi rosh la'shualim', which literally means that it's better to be a tail to lions, than a head to foxes. You get my drift.
  5. Re: How to build a strong profile for marketing CB Research PhD with no prior backgro

    Generally, there are two crucial elements to an application that matter besides grades (and test scores - both serve as a foot in the door, not more) and previous experience - LORs and SOP. As...
  6. Thread: Stipend-Housing

    by Granps

    Re: Stipend-Housing

    I will be spending about 60% of my stipend on housing. It will be a rough year. But when I will be there, understand where everything is and how to be efficient with traveling - and especially after...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation - Management (2019)

    For competitiveness - think of improving the Quant score in the GRE.
    It is hard to know in advance whether your statement is really good or not. If a professor that went to a similar tier program...
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    Re: Preparing for PhD Program (Micro OB)

    I am also newly admitted, and to Macro OB, so take this with a grain of salt.
    Stata is important. I taught SPSS and while it is limited in many ways, many a research in psychology can be done with...
  9. Re: 2018 Business PhD Interview/Admission/Rejection Results

    Very nice! Celebrate a little :)
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    Re: 2018 Ph.D. Business Administration Sweat Thread

    I have heard from around 10% of my programs. This will likely rise to 80% by late-February though.
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    Re: Faculty dynamics

    I can only speak from my very limited experience with what I was told by a professor in a top-tier program about faculty advisors.
    In order to get accepted they need to find a faculty member (there...
  12. Re: 2018 Business PhD Interview/Admission/Rejection Results

    Nice Management and bzholle! Celebrate some! :)
  13. Re: 2018 Business PhD Interview/Admission/Rejection Results

    Probably around twice as many as the offers they will be extending (not twice as many as the matriculated class). So, depending on the program, this could be between 5 to 10 percent of the applicant...
  14. Re: Profile Evaluation-Marketing (Quant and/or CB) 2018, Thanks!

    How is your AWA? The Verbal score is not great, but it's not bad, and as I understand, they care much more about the Quant. I do not know how the cutoffs are made. It seems obvious that you are at...
  15. Re: Profile Evaluation-Marketing (Quant and/or CB) 2018, Thanks!

    I can tell you what Xanthus will say - that you should not limit yourself to T-25 schools, because a rank is not the be-all end-all, some programs are a better fit than higher ranked programs, etc.....
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