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    Re: Fall 2021 Profile Evaluation and Advice

    I think you'll get into a top 30 program. I'd apply very broadly. COVID will increase the number of applicants for sure.
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    Re: 166Q GRE - Retake?

    166Q is fine.
  3. Re: Profile Eval for Fall 2021 (Aiming at top 10)

    I think that B- is not a big deal -- its an elective Econ class, so no problem. I think its possible you'll get a top 10 admit. What rank is your undergrad? I would still apply across the top 20 in...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation for 2021

    You have some strong grades here and there in key classes. But I think you also have too many poor grades in other key classes. I'd be surprised if you obtained a top 40-50 admit.
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    Re: Profile Evaluation and Advice

    So based on your usage of the word "topper", I think you are Indian. Under that assumption, I think you can get into a top 50 program, but wouldn't be competitive for higher ranked programs. There...
  6. Re: Fall 2021 Admissions: Profile Evaluation and Advice for Requesting LORs

    I think your expected outcome is the school that you got your MA from. Many people fail prelims on the first try, and the fact that you passed one on the first try is good. Perhaps try UT or UBC, but...
  7. Re: Question about Predoc RA and other similar opportunities

    That'll depend on your current profile. Perhaps it would be helpful if you presented your profile we would be able to provide more detailed comments. But given that you are just an above average...
  8. Re: Question about Predoc RA and other similar opportunities

    They're really competitive. I wouldn't write directly to the professors, as it might annoy them.

    The reality is, is that if you have just above average grades from a developing country (and not a...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation for Fall 2021

    You would be a top 10 admit if you had better GRE scores (assuming you went to SNU or Yonsei for your Masters).

    I would really encourage you to try hitting > 165Q.
  10. Re: Is an Econ PhD right for me given my interests, qualifications and abilities?

  11. Re: Profile Evaluation (low GPA/math + good research/recs)

    I think you should focus more heavily on top 25 - 40, and not be surprised if you don't get an offer at a top 25 place. The RA definitely helps, but there are so many RAs now, and I'm not sure it...
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    Re: Pass/Fail due to corona

    Given that Pass/Fail is elective at your school, and that you will keep only a subset of your grades, any class that shows up as Pass/Fail will certainly be interpreted as a low grade.
  13. Re: Advice for low ranked PhD applicant in terms of mathematical classes' selection

    To anyone that is serious considering taking this nutter's offer: Do you think that a person who tries to dishonestly exploit labor from prospective applicants because they have no research funds is...
  14. Re: Please Help : Profile Evaluation for Fall -2021 (Phd)

    Think about it carefully. Yes I am angry. But why? Because back when I was a prospective applicant, I was willing to do anything. So I know the state of mind that applicants are in, and you are...
  15. Re: Please Help : Profile Evaluation for Fall -2021 (Phd)

    This person is either a grad student, a non-faculty member, or a faculty member not at a top school (given that he/she cannot pay their RAs). In any case, working for this person without pay is...
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