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  1. Re: How much will my undergrad affect my chances at top 10?

    Why is everyone trying so hard to get into top 5? Anyway, I think two masters would be overkill. Assuming that you could get accepted to LSE EME, and assuming that you could get top marks, there is...
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    Re: questions regarding Ph.d classes

    If those classes are really using MWG and Greene, I can only imagine that those classes are PhD level.
  3. Re: Where will I get in? [Possibly mixed profile]

    I agree with Bayes that your application is not a T10 material yet. Your connection though sounds promising. If the connection is looking for a predoc that could help him, I think that is the best...
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    Re: Is my range of schools safe?

    I don't think anyone knows what is going to happen in this cycle so apply as broadly as possible.
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    Re: GRE scores going to be late?

    I think you should definitely ask them otherwise enter the lowest score. It is better than entering a great score and then getting a bad score. But I still think you should let them know. Keep in...
  6. Re: Statement of Purpose Question - Mention Faculty Names?

    Thank you, I was wondering about this as well!
  7. Thread: Second PhD???

    by ahududu

    Re: Second PhD???

    There are some people who has done it but I do not know why. Also I do not get your reasoning either.

    IGIER - Universita' Bocconi...
  8. Re: Is there any chance to get admitted with scholarship to...

    I am pretty sure you can get accepted from especially BGSE but I think scholarship mainly depends on your GRE score so I cannot make any definitive comment on scholarship.
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    Re: Econ PhD Profile Evaluation: Fall 2021

    If you really are considering solely salary, then academia isn't really for you.
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    Re: Econ PhD Profile Evaluation: Fall 2021

    It is perfectly normal not to have top 5 school from Cincinnati. I think it is a good idea to apply the schools that your school has sent. Try to target those and a little bit above/below. I think...
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    Re: Masters Programs Recommendations

    As far as I know NYU particularly is not a good programme if you're seeking to apply for PhD. It is more designed towards application rather than theory. I don't know what your target school is but a...
  12. Re: PhD Profile Evaluation - Fall 2021 (retake GRE?)

    Don't bother taking the GRE again. If you're really ambitious though you can try it again to get 168+. I believe with the new GRE Q score adjustment, now 168 is in the 90th percentile but I may be...
  13. Re: Leave out a poor master from PhD application

    Agreed with all the previous comments. But to add some positivity to your profile, it is much better to do bad and then good than doing good and then bad so don't dwell on that so much. I hope you...
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    Re: Need help choosing MA/MSc

    I'm going to talk about your Turkey option since I do not know what your other options can bring. No one in Turkey studies statistics. It's very looked down upon. If you look at the people who goes...
  15. Re: UniMelbourne Econ PhD (and any input on my strength as Phd applicant!)

    Take a look at the PhD placement of Melbourne and see if you like it. If it is not available on internet, I suggest you email and ask them if they would like to share the PhD placement.
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