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    Re: Phd in Economics.. Thrive or Fail?

    Do a PhD in Finance instead.
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    Engineering BS before econ PhD

    I'm just wondering how good preparation does a BS in engineering (electrical/mechanical/computer/industrial/aerospace/materials/etc.) provide to pursue a PhD in econ? I've seen a ton of physics...
  3. Re: Guidance/Feedback for Phd Ag/Applied Economics

    A friend of mine who did MS from Montana State (a top 5 ag econ MS program) has a very similar profile as yours. He scored 164 in GRE quant and 170 in verbal. He also has the drive to work in the ag...
  4. Re: Advice for someone starting a PhD programme without Real Analysis

    I'm really not the right person to answer this as I don't have real analysis experience myself and I'm starting my PhD this Fall too, but for question 1, speaking from my experience from MS program,...
  5. Coming up with research questions within the contours of the existing datasets

    Hello all,

    I just read the other, older thread about how to find a dissertation topic, but just thought of starting a new one with my specific question.

    I have often read that the best way...
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    Using previous F1 visa that is still valid

    Hello all,

    I came to the U.S. for master's in 2017, and I got a five-year, multiple entry F1 visa that is valid till June 2022. I returned to my home country after the master's in July 2019. I...
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    Re: COVID-19 and Admitted Students

    Yeah, I got that. I didn't know that before.
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    Re: Visa Issues for Fall 2020 Cohort

    Same here.

    I already have a valid US F1 visa but I'm stuck in my home country and am waiting for the international flights to resume. Not certain they will resume in the next month or two.

  9. Re: Top 25 US ag econ department faculty PhD alma mater and alumni affiliation table

    I spent some time creating this table, thanks to more free time lately. Let me know if certain things need to be changed. I know there are certain inaccuracies (counting everyone for Cornell but not...
  10. Top 25 US ag econ department faculty PhD alma mater and alumni affiliation table

    The table can be read column-wise and row-wise. For each of the top 25 U.S. agricultural economics departments, each column counts the number of enlisted faculty by doctoral alma mater corresponding...
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    Re: COVID-19 and Admitted Students

    Ah, alright! Cause they can enter without visa was my guess. May be for tourist visas then.
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    Re: COVID-19 and Admitted Students

    By next Fall, I assume you are talking about Fall 2020. If so, I am one of the international students who got into a PhD program starting coming Fall.

    The university I am attending has already...
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    Re: Indian undergraduate student aspiring for T20 PhD

    I don't know about 2-3 years of experience after your B.A., but a year of research assistantship with top economists from the Indian Statistical Institute should a great experience - if you are into...
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    Re: Profiles and Results 2020

    Type of Undergrad: BBA with concentration on information systems from a university no one has ever heard of (from a third-world country)
    Undergrad GPA: 3.16
    Type of Grad: Top 3 MS program in ag...
  15. Better department versus renowned but unhelpful advisor

    Hi all,

    I am torn between two departments.

    First is good with professors who are working in the same line of research I want to work on, but they are mostly old (60 to 65+). Not sure if they...
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