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    Re: PhD Admissions Next Year Covid-19?

    1) You are making assumptions. Are we in a recession? Will it get better or worse? And if so, will this recession have a different effect on graduate applications?

    2) International Applicants may...
  2. Re: Pass/Fail for Graduate Admissions Because of CoVid-19

    That's not a bad idea. Though I like to point out that some colleges like the New School have mandated an A/A- policy were the only passing grades students will get is A/A-. An "A for all" policy....
  3. Re: Pass/Fail for Graduate Admissions Because of CoVid-19

    Transcript would indicate that I hope.

    Btw, The New School has implemented an A/A- policy were students will receive only an A/A- for classes.
    Policies and Procedures | The New School in New...
  4. Schools With Active Economic History Field

    I would like to know if the Economic History Field is still active and which schools have Ph.D. students with EH specialization. I have done my research, finding 5 schools who publicly show their...
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