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    Re: GRE 4.5 AW retake?

    I agree with other posters. On this topic, your third professor is misinformed.

    The U.S. average AWA score is 3.9. Econ applicants won't be significantly higher than average in this part. The...
  2. Re: [Profile Evaluation] Help needed for a non-traditional applicant with weak course

    Like I said in the business school thread you opened, I insist you just pose this question to your letter-writers:

    "Would you be comfortable if I only applied to top 10 programs in economics...
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    Re: The Truth About Top 10 Admissions

    If we want to quantify this though, around 2-3% of econ PhDs receive tenure at an institution that's higher-ranked than their graduating institution. That 2-3% is likely characterized by a...
  4. Re: No Linear Algebra and Calc II and III, NEED TO APPLY FOR PHD ECONOMICS, WHAT DO I

    He/she did list them: "Introduction to Statistics, University Algebra (not linear algebra), Pre-Calculus, Calculus 1", with a B in Calculus 1.

    At this forum we usually classify these as...
  5. Re: Econ PhD Profile evaluation for international student

    Like the other poster said, we ask international students to rely on their advisers, rather than this forum. We do not have enough posters experienced with non-U.S. profiles.

    With that said, my...
  6. Re: Econ PhD from pure math background? / Refining goals

    Yes, almost always.

    A rare counterexample: You have two detailed econ letters from economists you worked under or worked with, but they've never seen your classroom performance in an econ-theory...
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    Re: Low-GPA Profile Evaluation

    I'd follow the recommended range of the two grad professors. Undergrad grades really aren't that important if you have a master's in econ. Your undergrad professors don't have first-hand knowledge of...
  8. Re: Application Advice for Non-traditional Applicant

    I followed you here from a PhD in Econ thread.
    I don't understand your pessimism. If your profile is accurate - you have a top econ field R&R, and a few other papers for which experienced...
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    Re: Finding RA work? Possible alternatives?

    Possible route, but you should note that what econ adcoms prefer is research assistance experience with economic professors. Personal research experience (e.g. thesis writing) has a small weight,...
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    Re: How many referees?

    Certain university application forms let you choose 5 referees for the sake of flexibility. There are other departments/degrees where it's common to have letters from work experience or teaching.
  11. Re: No Linear Algebra and Calc II and III, NEED TO APPLY FOR PHD ECONOMICS, WHAT DO I

    If you succeed in doing so for the next two semesters, you might have a chance at econ PhD admissions (for Fall 2020), but you should bear in mind that it's exceedingly difficult for anyone with no...
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    Re: How do adcomms asses international GPA

    Top 20 U.S. programs admit ~60% of their cohorts from international students, and they'll have at least 1 faculty member that understands how to read international transcripts. I don't think you have...
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    Re: SOP for Review

    Remove the 2nd and 6th paragraphs, then I think this is a good SOP.

    There's no need to spend too much time on editing it; it's often not even read in the admissions process.
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    Re: Flyouts to visit places for free?

    I had to check your profile to figure out where you're coming from. Okay, you're an almost guaranteed admit to top 10 programs. But you're still likely to place into a #20-#100 program 5 years later....
  15. Re: Econ PhD from pure math background? / Refining goals

    There are a number of interdisciplinary applied math / comp-sci master's programs (and occasionally PhDs) that have a track/concentration for financial markets and frequently send people to advanced...
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