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    A PSA for Applicants and Academics

    As an outside observer of this site straddling management and economics, I thought I would post this here. https://scholar.harvard.edu/files/bolotnyy/files/bbb_mentalhealth_paper.pdf

    PhDs are...
  2. Re: How to find graduation and placement rates?

    As usual, XanthusAres hits it on the nose. Here's another perspective.

    A PhD program is not like med school-- people don't simply get admitted, work really hard in school, graduate, work really...
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    Re: Hiring Freezes

    Good point about the "delay". We definitely saw a delay following 2008, and I think the lag caught many folks off guard.

    I'm not sure about pent up demand. I think it's much more likely that we'll...
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    Re: Hiring Freezes

    See the job market thread a few threads back for a baseline. I think things likely will get tougher to some (unknowable) degree, at least in STR/OB.

    In general, the job market process is not at...
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    Hiring Freezes

    Welp... looks like the academic market this coming year may be rough sledding

    Incomplete/Unofficial/ Unconfirmed List of Schools That Have Announced Hiring Freezes or Pauses,...
  6. Re: How to self-learn Phd-level strategic management knowledge?

    I have experience with management (Strategy/OB) and Econ fields. I think that self-studying (or getting immersed in the management literature) is not too hard, but the opaque, balkanized nature of...
  7. Re: Advice for STR/OB PhD Applicants from a Recent Grad

    I know many tenured professors who hate the post-tenure admin work with a passion, still feel wildly overworked in their quest for Full Professor status, and who begin to doubt that their publishing...
  8. Re: Some Insights into the Accounting PhD Process

    Agreed. Reference letters are wildly important. The field is super small, so rightly or wrongly, being associated with high status folks goes a lot farther than you may think.

    When I was in my...
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    Re: Why do people to do post-docs?

    +1 on this response. It's mostly a function of the market getting tougher over the past 5-10 years. My guess is that, in 5-10 years, 50+% of new STR/OB PhD grads will be doing postdocs.
  10. Re: How is the job market for students with PhDs in business?

    This poster is 100% spot on, even down to the degree of not knowing exactly how many schools have openings and how many schools opt "not to hire" across multiple years. It's incredibly agonizing for...
  11. Re: Advice for STR/OB PhD Applicants from a Recent Grad

    More than anything, academia v. industry is the choice between two systems, not two vastly different lines of work. There is research, analysis, etc. going on in both domains, just under different...
  12. Re: Advice for STR/OB PhD Applicants from a Recent Grad

    I wonít disclose the program(s) that Iím associated with, so donít take this response as specific to Haas or anywhere else.

    Interaction with faculty varied widely based on their view of training....
  13. Re: Advice for STR/OB PhD Applicants from a Recent Grad

    There is a "standard" statistical software package in each field (OB: SPSS, STR: STATA), and most professors that do empirical work in these fields know them. Neither package is used very much for...
  14. Advice for STR/OB PhD Applicants from a Recent Grad

    I am always heartened by all of the optimism and excitement that so many on this forum show every year around this time. I was in your shoes 6 years ago, trying to suss out how management (STR/OB)...
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