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    Anyone else at Cambridge? I came across this recently, warning,18+: The Persian Lovers: Bardia at Cambridge ⋆ The Zoeverse
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    Online TV networks?

    Do you have any online networks to recommend (please nothing obvious like YouTube)? Especially looking for one with lots of comedy. I've been studying like crazy and need short attention span breaks...
  3. Good I'm glad, I was wondering if that was funny...

    Good I'm glad, I was wondering if that was funny enough to post... as far as I'm concerned a sharp right hook to the nuts is always funny enough to post... esp. if it targets the cable company...
  4. irritable child meets overfriendly cable tech

    This child reflects my opinions about the cable company quite eloquently:YouTube - Cable Guy Gets Punched In The Nuts
  5. If I pass the LSAT can I please work with these lawyers?!

    Bogged down in studying. This made me remember why I want to be a lawyer: YouTube - The Law Accordion To Hanson Bridgett

    to teach people that attorneys can have a sense of humor (and rhythm). :D
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    Hello from San Francisco... LSAT...

    Hi, I'm studying for the LSAT, thought I'd come let off some steam here and hopefully find some resources - looks like a great forum. :tup: Hope to talk to some of you soon!
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