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  1. Re: Self Doubt

    Thank you for the empathetic response, @BCB. Your response played a key role in me rationalising and remembering the factors I should use to make my decision. I've even written them in case I forget...
  2. Re: Self Doubt

    This is truly helpful and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. Wish you the best in your defence and job interviews.
  3. Re: Self Doubt

    Thanks for the uplifting response @BCB. Appreciate your empathy.

    It's a risky proposition but I think I will try again in a couple of years with a better profile and RA background. Let's see what...
  4. Self Doubt

    I applied to 19 schools this year (17 PhD in Finance across US and Europe) and 2 MSc in Finance (LSE, Tinbergen). I was rejected without interview from 16, had interview at Michigan Ross and INSEAD...
  5. Sticky: Re: Fall 2021 PhD start - PhD Applicant Sweat Thread

    Hi all, can anyone share some insights about the Bocconi Finance program? The information on other threads is dated. Have reached out to current students but any other info might be useful from the...
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