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  1. Re: Graduate Coursework -- PhD Real Analysis vs PhD Micro

    Addressing your concerns is difficult because while the material taught at most programs is similar, testing styles vary widely. Here is my input though, take it with the qualifier I just stated.
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    Re: Advice for Qualifying Exams

    I just finished my quals and got the results (I go to a T20 school). I would have appreciated more information from recent first years going into all of it, so I'll try and post my thoughts. I would...
  3. Re: Characterizing features of various PhD programs?

    I think there is value in discussing your question - especially if we ask about specific things that do not require opinions. In particular, it would have been nice to know what schools use...
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    Re: Poor grade in time series

    I don't this is a big issue, because if it happened early on in your undergrad and you showed stellar grades in the "core" math courses/econ courses adcoms care about they will most likely attribute...
  5. Re: Undergraduate Research: What's most useful?

    Oh ok. That's not all that bad then. It's still a little low if the job is in a high cost of living area. But like I said it comes with the very nice benefit of furthering the pursuit of a PhD and it...
  6. Re: Online extension courses & PhD admissions

    I took an online extension real analysis class through University of Maryland University College. I'd say the following about it, but take my advice with a grain of salt because these are just my...
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    Re: Numerical Analysis vs. Complex Analysis

    To expand on what tutonic mentioned, complex and numerical stuff shows up a little when using the log-linearization method (or other numerical algorithms) to solve rational expectations macro models,...
  8. Re: Undergraduate Research: What's most useful?

    I can actually confirm the underpaid part from personal experience. I worked as a "research associate/associate economist" at an economic consulting firm for two years prior to starting my PhD. This...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation 2020

    I think it might be difficult for people to give an assessment without more information. Your GRE score will be very important given the rank of your school. Are the projects going to be published?...
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    Re: Choices under low math grade (2020 fall)

    Chateau is correct - my advice was US centric. I recommend you reach out as chateau gives solid advice from my experience.
  11. Re: 2020, Maybe 2021 Profile Of One of my friends

    It would be helpful to know what research experience your friend has, and if the professors writing his letters view him as one of their top students. It is good he has a top economist writing a...
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    Re: Choices under low math grade (2020 fall)

    Does "Mathematical Analysis I-III (C)" mean 3 Cs? If so, that puts you at 5 C's on your transcript in math courses. I think this will be a serious hurdle for any school in the top 50, unless you get...
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    Sticky: Re: 2019 Admission Sweat Thread

    At UCLA last year stipends were on the order of 20-27k for those who received funding.
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    Re: Game theory hard?

    I am currently in micro 2 which is game theory at my school. At my school we technically use Fudenberg/Tirole but my professor writes his own notes and I have almost exclusively used those to study...
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    Re: First Year Econ Phd & Research

    I am just a first year, but it seems to me that the variation at my program at least stems from two main sources:

    1. Graduate economics draws people from a wide range of disciplines and countries....
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