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  1. Re: Can anyone help me to solve a verbal question please?

    So I think before scientist reported it diminished and after reported should be increased or unstable , so should choose BF.

    What clue in that sentence tells you that after the report it...
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    Re: Need help with GRE math

    Hi - When my students are rusty with their high school math facts, I recommend using a very accessible ACT book, Richard Corn's Ultimate ACT Math Guide. Then they should move on to the ETS Quant...
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    Re: Failure GRE HELP

    You sound like you've had a real frustrating run with GRE prep so far. It's hard to tell from your description whether you feel you have a solid background in the content knowledge. Find out...
  4. Re: How to read passages, especially long readings

    I would agree that gauging the author's main claim or main issue is key. Skimming for claims and their defenses is a good way to hunt for the pertinent info.
    Best of luck!
  5. Working on better GRE preparation lessons in all subjects

    Hello all,

    I hope that I can be helpful on this site. I teach GRE/SAT/ACT all subject prep with the goal of increasing scores in Verbal/Math/Essays, etc.. I am here to offer free advice/guidance...
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