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  1. Re: Profile evaluation, Fall 2019. Any help appreciated :)

    There have been students accepted at Rice recently with similar backgrounds. By that I mean students with very strong math backgrounds and a strong interest in economics but limited prior economics...
  2. Re: Math Camp at Rice Online. Now with a Self-Paced Version!

    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to let you know that we are extending the registration period for the eight-week version. It will now be starting on 10/25.

  3. Math Camp at Rice Online. Now with a Self-Paced Version!

    Hi Everyone,

    Rice University will once again offer our popular online math camp this fall. For the first time this year, we will be offering two versions:

    An eight-week version...
  4. Thread: Need your help

    by Catrina

    Re: Need your help

    I do believe that you have a decent chance at a top-30, but that it is far from guaranteed that you will get in. With your current profile, I would recommend applying widely to a large amount of...
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    Re: Prepared for Real Analysis?

    Your background should be sufficient, although I agree that it would be good to practice with proofs first.
  6. Re: Application PRO Tip: Repeat GRE until you max quant out

    I highly doubt that there has ever been in a case in which an applicant got accepted with a 170 GRE Quant but would not have been accepted with a 169. That is simply not how the process works. While...
  7. Re: Are grad-level degree/experience becoming necessary for Ph.D. admission?

    From what I have observed, I agree that it is now the case that most people do come in with graduate-level courses. For American applicants, this doesn't necessarily mean that a master's degree is...
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    Re: PhD in Maryland vs Virginia vs Pittsburgh

    Do you live close enough to attend the visit days? If so, first attend the visit days, then decide.
  9. Re: which is best for last quarter before applications?

    In most cases, I would recommend that a student a take PhD micro and possibly PhD analysis (or the measure-theoretic probability), plus two undergraduate courses. In particular, I don't think it is...
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    Re: Updated gpa cutoffs?

    I don't believe that there is a set cutoff (or at least not one above 3.5), because admissions depends on many other factors such as the difficulty of courses taken and which courses the low grades...
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    Re: Please evaluate this profile for Phd Econ

    You may be able to get some acceptances in the 30-60 range. However, I can't figure out why you wouldn't try retaking the GRE. It seems silly to let something like that determine your admissions...
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    Re: Weird Profile, confused on range

    For most people who are unsure of applying to the econ or finance department at Rice, I would recommend applying to the econ department. This is because we have the major concentration option in...
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    Re: Profile evaluation

    You are correct that Rice does offer that combination, and would really be an excellent place for someone with your interests. To my knowledge, the computational class does cover the program of...
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    Re: Which GRE score is better?

    I would say that you should send both via ETS.

    Some schools only consider the highest score on each part, and I'm thinking that an admissions committee member looking at this may notice how much...
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    Re: Profile evaluation

    I rarely claim that anyone here is aiming too low (most people tend to overestimate their admissions chances), but I believe that you are.

    It seems like your MA program was very rigorous and that...
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