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    Re: Best Laptop for PhD in Econ

    Any ok laptop will do as long as you are not doing any powerful computing or playing advanced video games. For the former, you can always one of your campus's clusters/super computers or whatever...
  2. Re: Weak math background, advice needed on course choices

    The issue here is that OP may be in a non-US university where they are restricted in course options, so the math for economics courses are meant to be self contained and provide with the math one...
  3. Re: Please evaluate profile for Phd - will really appreciate it

    I think it's difficult to advice because you have not taken any math in undergrad, but then again you were able to do well in two Masters programs that look rigorous enough, which should erase the...
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    Re: Math book recommendations?

    -----> EJMR

    If actually serious, OP is still building foundations, so it wouldn't make sense to jump straight into those books.
  5. Re: Engineering courses to fulfill math requirements

    From experience it depends. Some schools when applying have a math section where they explicitly ask you to provide course descriptions. Others may not provide that, so in such a case, you would need...
  6. Re: Engineering courses to fulfill math requirements

    It normally counts. The same thing appplies for people who did math for econ as opposed to math. You may have to provide course descriptions.
  7. Re: Is a Game Theory course required in Ph.D application?

    No. Game theory is not required. The undergrad econ courses that seem to carry the most weight are intermediate micro and then metrics. Even the latter is not always required.
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    Schools like Sharif and University of Tehran are well known in the US. At least in Engineering they are well known. One of the top young economist specializing in Matching did his undergrad at Sharif...
  9. Re: Another Math Course Registration Advice-Seeker for the Fall

    There's a lot of anecdotal evidence to contradict this. Take a look at the profiles and results archive. Some of the people have already finished and are APs, and some of them didn't do better than...
  10. Re: Where to do PhD: Top European vs. Middle-rank US

    One thing you can do is to look at the placement information of both schools, especially the European placements and compare.

    But while you compare the placements be aware of the self selection...
  11. Re: Any suggestion for Decision Theory professors?

    Stupid question but what do you mean by 'not on transcript'. Did you take it at another school or you self taught yourself?
    Also, I know you say your school is unknown but do you know if they have...
  12. Re: Is it common to receive full funding for just 4 years?

    It's pretty common for some ARE programs to have 4 years of funding.

    As far as getting an additional year of funding, It really depends on the school and how much money they have. My advice is to...
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    Re: Houston vs UCR

    Have you looked at the placements? Economics: Placement and Graduate Placements - University of Houston

    I think looking at the recent papers of the macro faculty may be a good way to evaluate...
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    Re: How important is Liner Algebra?

    Not one to give math advice but isn't this where math for econ books are helpful. They don't cover everything about linear algebra, but they cover the essentials of linear algebra that you would...
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    Re: Profile evaluation (fall 2017), micro phd

    The calculus wouldn't be a problem. Once they see the advanced math classes, the admissions committee would not be concerned about it. It's pretty common for people to test out of calculus 1 and/or 2...
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