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  1. Re: Seeking Coursework Advice | Early Undergrad

    Bayes, given that the OP has not decided between Applied Mathematics PhD or Economics PhD (and has just finished freshman year, so they have lots of time), I would recommend they keep Abstract...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation

    Couple of notes:

    1. Dyu just finished *sophomore year* because the application time is Fall 2021. You have more courses than I had when I was entering my junior year, and more RA experience than I...
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    Re: 2021 profile evaluation

    Note that NBER is not the Fed, but that is a good resource. Beefing up your programming skills will be key, as RA positions often require you complete a coding task. Econ_ra on twitter is a good...
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    Re: 2021 profile evaluation

    I don't think you'd be competitive for T30 yet; I'd say that you would probably get into T50-60 programs. Especially if your goal is to go into academia, it would be wise to position yourself for a...
  5. Re: 2021 Fall Econ/Fin PhD Profile Evaluation

    Admissions committees are using imperfect information to try to select students that will be excellent economic researchers. What admissions directors at T20 programs have mentioned is that this most...
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    Re: UCI vs UCSD?

    UCSD is a T15 program and UCI is a T50 program as per USNews. I would say that generally most people would say that UCSD dominates UCI. As a result, UCSD is more competitive to get into, with an...
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    Re: Interesting statistics

    UW-Madison has slightly more than 500 applications each year, and in the past three years has admitted between 93 and 146 students to achieve an entering class of 25-30.
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    Re: Interesting statistics

    I am curious how many applicants there were for the cycle.
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    Re: Economics Rankings

    RePEc is good as well.
  10. Re: Research Assistant position and STATA

    Couple of thoughts, which may or may be not what you are looking for.

    1. I learned R/RStudio first. There's a lot more open source resources, lectures, exercises for you to develop proficiency,...
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    Re: Please Help! Fall 2021 Econ PhD Eval

    I'd disagree with dogbones. I do think, based on past profiles and examples, that you would generally be competitive for programs ranked between 50-100, with programs in the 35-50 range being a...
  12. Re: which course should i take in my senior year?

    1. If you haven't taken real analysis, you should take real analysis. Math camp is not meant to be comprehensive; it is generally meant as a review for students and as tutonic mentioned, does not...
  13. Re: Math Major Better Than Econ for PhD Admission?

    So I am majoring in both math and economics. A couple of notes, at least from what I think:

    1. A math major in itself is not really important; doing well (and learning the material well) in math...
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    Profile Evaluation (Fall 2021)

    Type of Undergrad: T60 Public University, BS in Math + BS in Economics
    Undergrad GPA: 4.0
    Type of Grad: n/a
    Grad GPA: n/a
    GRE: 170/164/5.5 (Q/V/AW)

    Math Courses: Calc III, Intro to...
  15. Re: Some basic questions about econ/ag econ PhD

    I can't speak to the first two, but for the third - your specific department is what matters. It doesn't matter what the school does for its engineering or history PhD graduate placements; what...
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