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    Re: Verbal Sentence Completion Question

    How i went about this:
    even the much more central idea of species was little more than a theoretical
    Bolded words tell me that the idea of species was very downplayed.
    For the 1st blank we need to...
  2. Re: How do you parse this? "beyond description horrible", from Frankenstein

    Deeds that are "beyond description" horrible. Beyond description describes the horribleness. How horrible were the deeds? Beyond description horrible. A similar but simpler sentence would be " deeds...
  3. Thread: Is it just me?

    by lubbles

    Re: Is it just me?

    It's usually got to do with words being used in different contexts. You need to get comfortable with the language. But yes, bad material definitely exists.
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    Re: Sentence completion help

    Terse has a harsh and unfriendly connotation so could be used here to express that the father gave unfriendly vibes. Looking up the meanings will clarify further. If you think another answer fits...
  5. Barron's question: Even though their subjects and approaches are quite different ...

    In Q13 in the picture, the answer given is (BF) whereas I thought it should be (BD).
    My reasoning was that the films do not physically inhabit any space at all, they merely emulate settings. On...
  6. Help with an RC question - According to the author, Frankenstein parts from the ...

    In Q9 at the bottom of the picture. Frankenstein is still punished by his excesses, as all overreachers in Faust stories are, as is emphasized in the passage, but his excesses are different. So I...
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