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  1. Poll: Re: Msc Economics (LSE vs UCL vs Cambridge)

    My opinion doesn't count for much but if you're interested in Micro go to UCL. It's easier to stay there for a PhD for you do your MSc there. With a strong grade from UCL + good letters etc. I can...
  2. Re: Profile Evaluation 2021, UK Candidate


    Letters are pretty respected I guess (top fields etc).

    Research Interests: Macro-Finance.
  3. Re: Profile Evaluation 2021, UK Candidate

    Any ideas? I know this is really unconventional. Older applicant, not well-recognised programme for MA, decent classes but again not well known internationally.
  4. Profile Evaluation 2021, UK Candidate

    Type of Undergrad/Graduate: BA (Liberal Arts - UK), MSc Top 10 UK 4.0 equivalent, BSc Maths (Open University) - 4.0 equivalent

    Cumulative GPA: 4.0/4.0 (equivalent)

    GRE: Sitting soon
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