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  1. Re: Picking the best 3/5 people for letters of recommendation for B- School PhD!

    What I would do:

    1 - Impressed with your work, potential paper with him
    2 - Published a paper with him
    4 - Impressed with your work

    Not choose
    3 - Does not know you well. So, even...
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    Re: Safe TOEFL Speaking Sub-score

    For most schools, your TOEFL score is more than enough.

    However, there are indeed some schools that require more than that (24) for each section. When I applied, I remember a few schools...
  3. Re: PhD Profile Evaluation for Accounting

    I don't know many people in Accounting. But I know that one of the guys who were accepted into the Accounting PhD program here the same year that I did has a bachelor's degree in Math. And at least a...
  4. Re: PhD Profile Evaluation for Accounting

    Your profile looks very good to me.

    I don't see much room for easy improvement, but I'm not from Accounting. You didn't mention coding skills, maybe there is something to do in that regard.

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    Re: PhD in Accounting Advice

    My personal opinion is that it is usually better to wait until you have the strongest profile you can get before applying. This should improve your changes of being accepted, and of being accepted by...
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    Re: Backup Universities for 2020 in US

    Well, I don't know how you chose your list of schools to apply. But, in my opinion, just going lower is rarely the answer.

    Things like research fit should still be more important than ranking,...
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    Re: Prof Eval - Finance PhD

    I just don't understand why this top 20 or nothing mentality. Even people with extremely strong profiles apply wider than that for a PhD. It's not unrealistic, but it's nearly impossible to tell the...
  8. Re: How do business PhD admissions view non-academic research and writing?

    Just to give you a small sample, the Marketing PhD students in my department have backgrounds in chemistry, sociology, information systems, architecture, physics, philosophy, among other areas. Of...
  9. Re: How do business PhD admissions view non-academic research and writing?

    Well, I have met people with such a wide variety of backgrounds during my PhD, that I don't know if there is something that might be really considered orthodox. So, "unorthodox background" is not a...
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    Re: Switching between Marketing tracks

    Yeah, it is possible. But it is not common.

    What I have seen CB people doing is not really switching to Quant. They stay in CB, but take steps to strengthen their profile for Quant or Strategy....
  11. Re: Profile Eval [Engineering Undergrad, MBA]

    Regarding your 3 questions about your profile, in order:
    - I think people with undergrad in engineering is quite common in business. I'm in Marketing and I think at least 4 of my professors here...
  12. Re: Experience with Dutch PhD programmes ?

    I have no experience with Dutch management programs, but I'm assuming they are not so different.

    It's common to interview multiple candidates, but not too many. So, if you get an interview, they...
  13. Re: Profile Evaluation: Organizational Behavior/ Human Resource Management

    I'm not in OB, so I hope someone else can help you better.

    But when we talk about top programs like you mentioned (top 20-30 is usually extremely competitive), we expect to see something...
  14. Re: Profile Evaluation Ph.D. or MPhil in Finance (Low Profile from an Emerging Coun

    Well, I'm not in Finance, but as you can see from my username, I'm from South America, maybe the same country. So, some concerns I had were similar to yours.

    Some things to think about:
    - A lot...
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    Re: Tips of improving on the GRE test

    I took both the GRE and the GMAT, but I know much more about the GMAT.

    I improved my score a lot. But it took me about 1 year for that, studying while I worked full time. There are tons of tips...
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