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    Re: College Doesn't Offer "Real Analysis"

    Also, you are at a CUNY school, so you can take courses at other CUNY schools via e-permit. They will go on your home college transcript, though the exact course title and description will vary...
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    Re: PhD in East Coast City

    It would be easier to help you if you posted your profile using the standard format so we could give you a better idea about what is a good fit. In general though, very few departments outside the...
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    Re: The Truth About Top 10 Admissions

    I would like to add for point (2) that for getting into good MA/MS programs or getting good RA positions not all "unknown" institutions are the same. There are some institutions that are not well...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation

    No one will ever care about a W in music. Given the number of high level math classes and PhD level econ classes you have taken and received A's in, I don't think the W in OR will not hurt you either.
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    Re: Profile Evaluation Phd Econ or Finance

    The OP will be spending 1-2 years at the HF before applying, so they will be working with the HF researchers for quite a while and will get to know them well.

    Finance PhD programs do not give...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation Phd Econ or Finance

    It depends on what level of prof they were at the top 20 B-school before they went to the HF. If they were an assistant prof who was denied tenure and chose to go industry vs moving to a lower ranked...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation Phd Econ or Finance

    This may be accepted wisdom in applying to Econ PhD programs, but for Finance PhD programs things are a little more complicated.

    The job is in the research division (not a trading desk) of a HF...
  8. Re: CUNY for Financial Economics? Reputation?

    The standard Wall Street or major bank Quant Modeler jobs pay new PhD's in any quantitative field including econ somewhere around 100k-150k plus bonus with a few jobs going up to 175k plus bonus....
  9. Re: CUNY for Financial Economics? Reputation?

    Sorry I was not clear about what I meant regarding UC Irvine. When I said the two departments were separate I did not mean that the two departments have nothing to do with each other. Nearly every...
  10. Re: CUNY for Financial Economics? Reputation?

    CUNY's faculty size is not quite as impressive as it looks at first. While you can in theory work with any of the faculty, in reality only about 20-25 work with or advise grad students on any regular...
  11. Re: Thoughts on the New School for Social Research (Economics MA/MS)?

    For what you want to do an MPH or an MBA concentrating in healthcare management or perhaps an MPA in development would all be more useful than an MA in econ from any school. An MA in econ is usually...
  12. Re: How are those of you with no business background preparing to start your PhD?

    In general the best way to handle the summer before you start is just to relax. Once you start your program there will be very little of that.

    Your program would not have accepted you if they did...
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    Sticky: Re: 2019 Admission Sweat Thread

    You can find more general advice about interviews in the Business PhD forum since nearly all B-school PhD programs interview.

    My experience is with finance interviews but it should be fairly...
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    Re: Rutgers Economics Program

    I am a current PhD student in Finance at Rutgers Business School. We take Micro I and Math Econ (and any econ electives) with the Econ PhD students and I got to know some of the econ students. We...
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    Re: PhD Offer Aceeptance

    From the Council of Graduate Schools website

    "Students are under no obligation to respond to offers of financial support prior to April 15; earlier deadlines for acceptance of such offers violate...
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