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  1. Re: Being asked to teach immediately - two school options

    You will be an RA even if they have you teaching a class. Usually 20 hours is divided up into 10 hours for teaching 1 class and 10 hours assisting.
  2. Re: What are the 1st year expectations as a phd student?

    In my experience a mentor relationship should involve being on a paper that publishes, being lead on a paper that publishes, then publishing a paper on your own.

    In this field you set your own...
  3. Re: Can any recent PhD grads comment on the first 3 years out of school?

    Undergrad (one of the lowest ranked schools in the UT system) and masters (same school) first in MIS then MBA focus don Entrep. Took 7 years to do my undergrad, failed twice to achieve my...
  4. Re: Entrepreneurship Vs Marketing Strategy PHD

    When I went out the Entrep. market was 1:1.1 applicants to tenure track positions at the Academy of Management. Last year was 1:1.8. I landed at an R1 2/2 w/ 1A- publication and 1A- R&R out of an R2...
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    Re: B-school PhD cohort sizes

    Advantage 6: Competition isn't really a problem when it comes to finding a tenure track position (although research and, to some degree teaching, will determine quality of placement).
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    Re: Question About Diversity & Homosexuality

    I concur with XA

    The Christian Texans I know do not use sexual orientation as an explicit hiring criteria. They view their implicit biases as something different from institutionalized...
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    Re: PhD programs

    Really the whole thing about GMAT is that it helps us see who is dedicated enough to put in the seat-time to win at the $250 board game.
  8. Re: Likelihood of admission from a regional university

    You miss 100% of of the shots you don't take.
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    Re: PhD Program Rankings

    I would do a first-pass by searching by the journals that you love (and are connected to your field):

    The UTD Top 100 Business School Research Rankingsā„¢ - Naveen Jindal School of Management -...
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    Re: PhD Accounting profile evaluation and advice

    Better advice could not have been given.
  11. Re: Volunteer RA - What responsibilities should I demand for?

    ^in addition, keep in mind that in qualitative work the finding often emerges from your experience with the subjects. It's an iterative process, going back and forth with the literature, the...
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    Re: Reapplying to Finance PhD Programs

    In my experience comprehensive exams are an academic pretext to eliminate people who are not a 'social' fit.
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    Re: Reapplying to Finance PhD Programs

    I'm not saying you shouldn't. I left my first doc program (an R3) and moved up (to an R2); then I graduated and moved up again (to an R1).

    But it's definitely not the norm.

    Just know that you...
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    Re: Reapplying to Finance PhD Programs

    99 times out of 100 you will be going down; and down significantly. Unless you had spectacular scores and research, such that you would be a near auto-admit to your current school (sans the whole 'I...
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    Re: Seeking advices for PhD preparation

    You need to seriously spend time with a dictionary and some books so that you become fluent in English.
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