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  1. Re: Profile Evaluation: Do I have a chance to get an offer from those universities?

    Im currently a first year at a ~50 ranked PhD, Im one of few in my cohort without real analysis, and our first semester stats course seemed to assume some knowledge in the subject. I made it thought...
  2. Looking for a Grad level History of Economic Thought Textbook

    Not sure if this is the right place, but I'm currently a first year at a mid level PhD that does not offer a class on the topic.

    Im leaning towards a focus in macro theory, and curious about the...
  3. Deciding between programs (lower ranked)

    Im looking at two PhD offers, and I don't know how to approach making a decision. I am aware of this forum's view toward schools ranked >20, but if you feel there is something worth reiterating,...
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    Re: 2019 Admission Sweat Thread

    Congrats! has anyone else heard back from UCSB? I'm still waiting on a response.
  5. Re: Difficult Time Finding Programs Apply to

    Thank you for this, I will consider it. Would it still be worthwhile to apply to PhD programs? Or should I set my sights on RA positions?
  6. Re: Difficult Time Finding Programs Apply to

    Checking that out now, would It be unwise to apply to some programs now and apply for RA fellowships later on, or should I start applying there now and forget PhD programs? Also are these fellowships...
  7. Fall 2019 Evaluation, Limited Maths a Deal breaker?

    Going into my senior year as an Ec major, with minors in Real Estate, Mathematics, and Philosophy at a small liberal arts college, but I'm very far behind the pack in terms of math.

    Math classes:...
  8. Difficult Time Finding Programs Apply to

    Iím sorry if this is the wrong place, I may have misread the rules.

    Iím going into my senior year at a small liberal arts university in Boston, and Iím beginning the process of applying to...
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