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  1. Re: Looking for tips on finding research interests worth going futher

    This is very hard to know. I'm in my 4th year, and I still struggle with that.

    I think the best way is to talk to people who are really informed about the workings of the top journals. If you're...
  2. Re: PhD program without residency requirement

    I'm in marketing, but I don't know any program like that. My guess is that you would need to choose a very low-ranked school, that really doesn't care whether you do a good job or not. At least from...
  3. Re: If I do RA for a professor, do I need to worry about if his/her research interest

    If that professor is you advisor, then I think a match is very important. It makes a lot easier to get engaged, to understand what is happening, to participate in a project, maybe become a co-author...
  4. Re: How to assess the level of prestige enjoyed by a professor in the field of strate

    Just to give a different perspective about prestige. Research fit is clearly vital, but prestige still matters in my opinion.

    Things can be quite different from program to program, of course....
  5. Re: What are the skills needed to be a RA in STR/OT?

    Again, I'm not in STR/OT, but maybe things aren't too different (I'm more into Marketing Strategy/Quantitative Marketing).

    A few things from my experience:

    1 - If you don't know about...
  6. Re: What are the differences between strategic management and macro-ob?

    Sorry, but I don't know if I understand what you're asking. Strategy is such a broad term that it's hard to know what you're referring to.

    But, for example, acquisitions can have implications for...
  7. Re: Is corporate strategy still a "publishable" topic in strategic management?

    I'm not in strategic management, but I've talked to people here about similar issues.

    First, "strategic management" is extremely broad and vague. You need to be much more specific about your...
  8. Re: How to assess the level of prestige enjoyed by a professor in the field of strate

    Why do you need to judge the reputation? To evaluate a potential advisor? To ask for letters of recommendation? To criticise their work?

    Reputation is not something precisely measured. Certainly...
  9. Re: What are the differences between strategic management and macro-ob?

    The division I usually see is macro and micro, and not strategy and macro.

    In short, macro is focused on the organization and how it interacts with the external environment, and micro is focused...
  10. Re: Profile Eval - PhD in Strategy/Decision Sciences Fall 2021

    You research interests are curious.

    On one hand, they seem quite broad.

    Decision sciences can include a lot of different things, for example. I think many researchers will focus on something...
  11. Re: Profile Evaluation for PHD in Operations Management

    Academic LOR are usually much more important than industry LOR. Because academic researchers should be much better at evaluating your potential to be an academic researcher.

    If that research...
  12. Re: Profile Evaluation for PHD in Strategy or Marketing

    Ok, 700-720 GMAT sounds much better.

    Well, if want to keep your research interests generic like that, it's your choice. But you are taking a HUGE risk, in my opinion. Don't expect the PhD faculty...
  13. Re: Profile Evaluation for PHD in Strategy or Marketing

    600-660 GMAT is too low. My school is ranked around 50th, and the GMAT scores are still usually well over 700.

    Your motivation to do a PhD is too generic, and too close to industry. I can't see...
  14. Re: Marketing Profile Evaluation (Behavioral Track)

    Good! Adjust your application so that the CB side stands out, and choose schools to apply wisely.

    With your experience assisting in behavioral marketing research, strong letters of...
  15. Re: Marketing Profile Evaluation (Behavioral Track)

    You did a lot of things that would be useful for Quantitative Marketing (computer science, data science), but you are applying to Consumer Behavior. So, where is the Consumer Behavior stuff in your...
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