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  1. Re: Best way to make up for lack of mathematics at Oxford undergrad?

    Your own profile says that you have a distance learning Accounting & Finance undergraduate degree from a UK university. That is not the same as an Economics degree.

    Moreover, as I'm sure you well...
  2. Re: Best way to make up for lack of mathematics at Oxford undergrad?

    This generally is not true in the UK - UK economics undergraduate programmes are heavily maths-based and always cover calculus, differential equations, and almost always "real analysis".

  3. Re: Please Help : Profile Evaluation for Fall -2021 (Phd)

    If I can add one word of caution, in my experience PhD admissions committeess tend to downweight students with as many years of work experience as you tend to have. Of course, not all universities...
  4. Re: Pass/Fail for Graduate Admissions Because of CoVid-19

    Or even what they can do!
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    Sticky: Re: 2020 Sweat Thread

    Usually monthly, as far as I can tell. Some unis might do them at the start of every term though.
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    Re: Help! Which offer to accept?

    Assuming you have funding there, I'd agree with your first instincts at go to UIUC.
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    Re: Preparation for pre-doc/research assistant

    I applied and got through to the data exercise (but no further) of a few of these back in 2015 / 2016 - as
    iampain0 said, the exercises themselves are fairly esoteric, but common things involved...
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    Re: regarding GRE score

    That set of scores seems absolutely fine to me (providing your TOEFL passes the relevant thresholds too) - as a native English speaker I only got 165 on the verbal component and it didn't do me any...
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    Re: AEA Summer Program

    The last part of your statement does depend on how one defines under-represented, but let's leave it there as it's probably not relevant for this forum :)
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    Re: AEA Summer Program

    The point is twofold:

    1) Economics is a global profession, and the proportion of economists who are Asian is far below the proportion of the global population that is Asian; and

    2) By implying...
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    Re: AEA Summer Program

    *an under-represented minority group as defined by the AEA itself, thereby excluding Asian-Americans and all non-US citizens despite them being minority groups within the US and the economics...
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    Re: Need help defining a roadmap

    In my experience (having completed the Warwick Msc with Distinction) it's very under-rated by US (and other UK) admissions committees. It's actually a very rigourous programme that uses MWG as the...
  13. Re: How much do connections matter for RA positions?

    These are fair points, but I was speaking specifically about RA positions rather than PhD admissions. Perhaps my disclaimer in parentheses at the end of the first sentence in my original post was a...
  14. Re: How much do connections matter for RA positions?

    They matter a lot! Having that connection certainly gets you in the door, and most likely gives you a leg up throughout the entire application process (but won't guarantee you the job if you're...
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    Re: Phd in Economics - Fall 2020 Cycle

    I agree with you regarding Python vs R, but feel that you're being rather harsh on Stata. In particular, I've found Stata's online resources (such as Statalist) to be incredibly helpful and...
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