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  1. Thread: SOP for Review

    by tutonic

    Re: SOP for Review

    In my opinion, this contains too much fluff which is uninformative. This isn't a letter for undergraduate admissions. Your letter should succinctly convey information that's pertinent to the...
  2. Re: No Linear Algebra and Calc II and III, NEED TO APPLY FOR PHD ECONOMICS, WHAT DO I

    Look at where past graduates have gone on to, from your alma mater. If there's no one who broke into top 10, realistically, you can't expect any different, unless you were an anomaly during your...
  3. Re: PhD Economics or Public Policy Profile Eval

    PPol programmes might, in principle, require less math from applicants, but given that people who are interested in applied micro also tend to apply to PPol programmes, you'll be competing with them...
  4. Re: How Competitive Is My Profile for Fed RA? : And One Additional Question

    I can't answer questions pertaining to the Fed. For that, jirousseau will provide better advice, if he chances upon this thread. However, is there any particular reason why you're applying solely for...
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    Re: GPA cutoff that gets screened out?

    Like what was mentioned in your profile evaluation thread, the strength of the letters from your supervisors during your pre-doc at the top 10 will largely drive the success of breaking into top 10s....
  6. Re: Profile Evaluation: PhD Econ/Finance with weaker grades but high research potenti

    To the best of my knowledge, the GPA requirement - and GRE scores - serves as a mechanism to thin the pile of feasible applicants, before adcoms even begin to look at packages. Thus, if your GPA...
  7. Re: Profile Evaluation: PhD Econ/Finance with weaker grades but high research potenti

    The GRE Math test will be a complete waste of time. It's something you actually need to prepare for, if you want to get a good grade, unlike the quant section of the GRE; time that's better spent...
  8. Re: Rising Senior curious about where I could get into now

    As always, the surest way to know for certain is to see what kind of schools students in the past got into. You should be able to confidently expect more or less the same range of schools, unless...
  9. Thread: Course choice

    by tutonic

    Re: Course choice

    Measure theoretic probability theory will be more useful and will directly help you grasp certain concepts in first year metrics.
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    Re: Top-10, Top-15, and Top-20 Departments

    It's mostly based on the usnews grad school ranking for economics.

    USNEWS Ranking
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    Re: Low Ranked ARE programs

    It depends on what you consider to be 'low ranked'. Just to point out, however, than nearly all of the ranked USNEWS grad programmes receive significantly more applications than there are places, so...
  12. Re: Graduate Coursework -- PhD Real Analysis vs PhD Micro

    I feel what laborsabre mentioned above aptly encompasses the attitude you should have when approaching PhD coursework. While it's true that it's highly mathematical, the math is simply a necessary...
  13. Re: Graduate Coursework -- PhD Real Analysis vs PhD Micro

    This is true. Field courses are graded much more leniently since there's no need to separate students any further, after the first year.
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    Re: Top European MSc's to apply for

    Personally, if you're eyeing for a top PhD programme, there's very few programmes that can beat EME, both in terms of prestige, as well as placement.
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    Re: Preparing for Graduate Micro

    This is the most important advice you can get. When I did it, 4 of us got together and met up every week, the day before tutorials, so we can discuss the problem set before submitting them. The first...
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