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  1. Re: Profile Evaluation- PhD in Business (Marketing Specialization) Fall 2021

    Your profile seems good, it looks like you're working on the things that you need the most, like your work as RA.

    You didn't tell whether you will apply to Quantitative Marketing or Consumer...
  2. Re: Economics Master before applying for Marketing PhD?

    At least from what I see here in my department, for Quantitative Marketing I'd say there is strong link to economics.

    Utility functions, game theory, pricing, competition, behavioral economics,...
  3. Re: Profile Eval - OB program for Fall 2021 start

    You can briefly address the GPA if you have a good explanation. But that's not really what they want to see, so don't waste too much time on that, if any.

    Some hope? Yeah. A lot of hope? No. ...
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    Re: Need some guidance and feedback

    GPA is not the most important part of an application, but that does not mean it's not important.

    Your GPA from undergrad wasn't good, and then it got a lot worse during a post grad that is...
  5. Re: Match between RA and Research Interests

    At least for quantitative marketing, it's very common to have applicants with different backgrounds. So, I don't think having experience with research related to international finance would be a bad...
  6. Re: PhD in Business Information Systems Applicant Seeking Advice

    All right, if there are no critical skill, then there is nothing to do in that regard. I don't know, that's not my field. I just used R as an example, I have no idea what people use for your type of...
  7. Re: PhD in Business Information Systems Applicant Seeking Advice

    I see two main possibilities here.

    1 - If there is some knowledge or skill that is critical for the type of research you intend to do, but you still don't have it.

    For example, if you are...
  8. Re: PhD in Business Information Systems Applicant Seeking Advice

    I'm not in Information Systems, so I'll only be able to answer more general questions. As usual, sorry if I sound harsh, but I prefer to be blunt because then you can improve your profile until your...
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    Re: New Master's Before PhD in Business?

    I think it's quite rare to see people hiring admission consultants for a PhD in business at least.

    And if you decide to hire one, I recommend you to be very careful. I have seen some advice that...
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    Re: New Master's Before PhD in Business?

    I'm not sure what kind of research in business you intent to do. Business include a lot of things. For example. Finance or Marketing. And, for Marketing, the division between Quantitative Marketing,...
  11. Sticky: Re: 2020 PhD Applicant Sweat Thread

    I didn't even take MBA and overall rankings into consideration when I was applying for a marketing PhD, I don't see the point of doing that. Even the marketing ranking is still too broad, but we...
  12. Re: What is Bocconi University's standing in the field of strategic management?

    I'm not in Management, but top 20 for research is insanely high (it's not like rankings for undergrad or master's). A school certainly doesn't need to be in that range to be considered excellent.
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    Re: How to Best Determine Rankings?

    For PhD programs, top 10 and top 20 are so close to each other that it's probably impossible to tell them apart in general terms. Even distinguishing between top 20 and top 50 can be a huge...
  14. Re: Profile Evaluation - Ph.D. in Business (possibly Marketing (OB))

    1 - I never thought about this. Actually, I did not take many math-related courses in my bachelors' and masters' programs even though the program names may seem to involve a lot of math. Anyway, I...
  15. Re: Profile Evaluation - Ph.D. in Business (possibly Marketing (OB))

    1 - "Number of programs planned to apply to: around 10" - It seems a low number to me. Not too low, but competition for PhD programs in marketing can be fierce, and you probably can find more than 10...
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