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  1. Re: Profile Evaluation: Organizational Behavior/ Human Resource Management

    I can't speak for European schools, but you're not very competitive for top-20 US. The top-10 US are kind of random with what they're looking for in specific years, those big name schools (Harvard,...
  2. Re: Profile Evaluation: Organization Theory / Economic Sociology

    I can only speak for US schools, but I think you'd be fairly competitive. You might want to consider retaking the GMAT or retaking the GRE. However, keep in mind the top 10/20 US schools get far more...
  3. Re: PhD : Managerial accounting or strategy?

    Do you have a background in either? Strategy is easier to 'jump' into than accounting, if you don't have a background in it.
  4. Re: 1st year Econ phd student in her early 30s looking to move to strategy programs

    As a Junior Faculty, going into a Management/Strategy department with an Econ PhD would be very tough. A management/strategy PhD is a requirement in most of the job listings.

    If you had an Econ...
  5. Re: How are those of you with no business background preparing to start your PhD?

    Sleep in while you still can
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    Re: PhD/Prelims Question

    In the STEM fields, people "Master Out" ie: leave with a Master's at that stage if they fail the prelims.
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    Re: Ranking Management Departments

    Agreed. The sort of traditional way of looking at it was 'lots of A publications= symptom of a good dept/school', however now it seems like some schools/depts are trying to boost their ranking by...
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    Re: Haas PhD stipend

    It's a state school, the information is public record.
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    Re: Ranking Management Departments

    Number of publications alone is a poor metric, because it's quantity over quality.
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    Re: PhD Offer Aceeptance

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
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    Re: Profile Evaluation - OB

    You're a competitive applicant to any school, but keep in mind there are always more competitive applicants than spots.
  12. Re: what is the difference between research school and teaching school in terms of

    For public schools, you can usually find salary information in open record databases. For private schools, short of asking an employee, there's no surefire way to know.

    Salary depends on many...
  13. Re: admitted to the PhD program in Management at Louisianna State U, worth attending?

    Have you applied to any other programs? You have until April 15th, and anything can happen before then.
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    Re: Profile Evaluation PhD in Strategy

    You certainly sound competitive for top 25 programs, but keep in mind the top 5 are always a crapshoot. They have far more highly qualified applicants than spots.
  15. Re: why is it so hard for australian/non us phds to work in usa schools?

    It's always easier to hire someone who's already in the US.
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