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  1. Re: When should I expect Finance PhD result to come out

    Tell any school that interviews you and they will probably accommodate your timeline. You may also ask your job for an extra week at that point if a school is close to deciding.
  2. Re: Profile Evaluation for PhD in Accounting

    Do you know which methodology interests you the most?

    I think the combination of your CFE, audit interest, and weaker math background make me think that you are going for behavioral research....
  3. Re: PhD in Accounting Profile Evaluation. Over 40

    You got a little unlucky on the GMAT. I had the exact same Q/V split and got a 750. That said, higher is always better, but I don't think that a small bump will help much. So, only do it if you are...
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    Re: Another Profile Evaluation

    I think that a GMAT boost won't make a difference for most schools, but 750+ is probably necessary for your dream schools.

    If you do 20 applications to the top 20 financial / archival schools,...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation Before Applying!

    Do you know Ole-Kristian Hope? I think he would be the best person you could get a letter from coming out of Rotman. Of course, their whole group is solid, so you a good letter from any of them will...
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    Re: PhD Profile Evaluation for Accounting

    Hi. There are plenty of people that come to accounting with an econ or math degree. The key for you is to explain why you want to do accounting. There is always a worry that someone is applying to...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation [PhD in Accounting]

    Are you currently in the US? Community college courses in math are sufficient to show that you are working on picking up the needed skills.

    Also, who will write letters for you? You will need...
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    Re: Accounting PhD - Advice Needed

    The obvious weakness is your quant score combined with somewhat weak math background. The coursera courses are good, and talking about them in your personal statement should help, but something...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation : Phd in Finance

    Where has your university placed in the past? I am pretty sure I had someone in my accounting cohort from your same Uni, so there is probably history.

    Overall, it looks like you have all of the...
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    Re: Accounting: archival vs experimental

    This year experimental people got jobs pretty quickly and were in high demand. The problem is that the market is a lot smaller so if a couple schools aren't hiring for some reason and there are a...
  11. Re: what is the difference between research school and teaching school in terms of

    There is a research / teaching continuum that you can place schools into, but it really ends up being how much do they care about research. I think the easiest way to group schools is by teaching...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation: PhD Finance

    I think you should consider an MFE or something similar as prep for a PhD. It is a lot of work, but it would address your quant coursework issue and the lack of letters. Even a lower-tiered masters...
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    Re: PhD in Accounting vs PhD in Econ

    Accounting coursework usually includes the micro and econometrics series from the econ department. Some departments actually have a specialized micro class for the business school that is a little...
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    Re: Which ranking to follow


    Here you go.
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    Re: Which ranking to follow

    I wrote a detailed post on rankings awhile ago. For accounting, I would use the BYU rankings for whatever subfield interests you. Those still aren't perfect, but they are as good as it gets from a...
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