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    Please Evaluate Profile: MSc in Applied Statistics/Statistics

    UGPA: 3.4 (Marketing major and Math minor,from a South Asian university)
    GRE: 320
    TOEFL: 110
    Maths : Calc 1-4, Linear algebra, Stat 1-2 (3.3/4 on average in maths course)
    Programming knowledge:...
  2. @econphd14 Phd is not my primary concern right...


    Phd is not my primary concern right now. I want to work in industry at the end of the day. But on the other hand I enjoy academic report and research, so maybe if in mid career I feel...
  3. @Fakeo Thank you so much for the detailed...


    Thank you so much for the detailed reply.:) I am looking for a funded masters where I can get the degree in exchange of research work or teaching work. I know my profile has to be super...
  4. @Publicaffairsny I was initially heading for...


    I was initially heading for the MBA route. But then started considering econ as an option because a) I want to do something academically rigorous, preferably something which...
  5. Whaaaaaaat :/ 163 views and no reply!!

    Whaaaaaaat :/ 163 views and no reply!!
  6. Desperately Seeking Advice for Masters in Econ

    Hello, I am an international student from South Asia. Just finished my undergrad business degree with an abysmal GPA(3.2) but plenty of job experience(Mostly as copywriter, Technical writer, Junior...
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