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  1. Sticky: Fall 2020 PhD start - Business PhD Interview/Admission/Rejection Results

    To facilitate information sharing on the forum, please feel free to share as much information as you feel comfortable sharing about your received interviews, admission offers, or rejections.

  2. Re: Economics Master before applying for Marketing PhD?

    Just my 2 cents here.... economics and computer science don't really have a clear link into marketing .... the degrees might be helpful in signaling your comfort with more technical stuff, for...
  3. Re: Profile Eval - OB program for Fall 2021 start

    Might be helpful to tell a story or give an example about what led to you having this intellectual curiousity.

    If you have good letter writers, they may be able to address this in their letter...
  4. Re: How to self-learn Phd-level strategic management knowledge?

    See if you can find a professor during your undergrad studies in the field to work with them and get a sense of the literature. you might end up doing something like literature search/review, which...
  5. Sticky: Re: 2020 PhD Applicant Sweat Thread

    If its the same department, then its likely all the offers went out around the same time. If they operationally are in separate departments, then it depends on whether each department's committee...
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    Re: Any advices about being wait listed?

    Maybe wait a few weeks and check in and ask if anything has changed on their end. Question of whether or not the other opportunities are close enough in your mind with the one you are waiting on......
  7. Re: Good Idea to email the phd program for any updates?

    No clear and fast rules with this. My 2 cents is that your best bet is to frame your inquiry as something along the lines of how far along the process the department is in selecting incoming phd...
  8. Sticky: Re: 2020 PhD Applicant Sweat Thread

    Just say something that communicates from what you know right now, you have interest in X, Y, and Z, and that you look forward to learning more about the intersections between different areas of...
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    Re: 6th year funding

    It's a pendulum that swings both ways..... aside from budgetary issues.... a school could signal that taking an extra year is possible, IF it is clear that the student will be in a much better...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation: OB/Management

    you're interests seem more aligned with strategic management as a sub-discipline. leadership in macro-research is more or less focused on Board of Directors, CEOs, and Top Management Teams. This...
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    Re: 2019 PhD Applicant Sweat Thread

    It's more from experience than a knock against you. A single person cohort is a bit lonely, and regardless of your own situation, social support is pretty important to survive grad school. The...
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    Re: Profile Eval! Would like some opinions

    It is tough when returning to school as you are older and have more experience. The most difficult hurdle is making it past the cutoffs. The combination of GPA and GMAT are general cutoff markers for...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation_PhD in OB

    You know, as much as I would like to inspire more confidence in the process of applicant recruiting, it's actually very random. Each year, the selection committee may be made up of different faculty...
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    Re: 2019 PhD Applicant Sweat Thread

    Welcome to the forum all! Glad to see some activity from applicants for the next cycle already. Keep in mind that it's a long process. I know that it doesn't make it easier for each individual, but...
  15. Re: Do schools mass-reach out to people to encourage them to apply last minute?

    Just a thought... Schools that mass email as many potential applicants they can find are looking to increase their applicant pool. The more applicants they have, the more of a chance they can find...
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