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    Re: Question About Visitation Day

    I agree with the last two commenters that the visit can be very helpful on your end in making your decision. But I do see where you are coming from, and if you think the additional information is not...
  2. Re: 2nd graduate degree from Harvard Extension School

    I agree with this. I think some of dogbones' questions are unconventional, but they do seem genuine.
  3. Re: Value of Masters Degree Received During PhD

    Thanks this is exactly what I was asking. I get the value from getting it to hedge against future uncertainty, but I was mainly interested if there is any additional value. In my case the cost was...
  4. Value of Masters Degree Received During PhD

    Hi all,

    I am a current 2nd year in my PhD program. My program allows PhD students to tack on a master's in the course of their PhD by doing a little extra work (sometimes no extra work depending...
  5. Re: 2nd graduate degree from Harvard Extension School

    Oh okay. I misinterpreted. I thought your desire to do these additional degrees was because you had non-academic policy jobs in mind that might not involve a PhD. In that case, I would make my main...
  6. Re: 2nd graduate degree from Harvard Extension School

    From my experience so far, it does not seem to me that there is any additional prestige gained from having additional degrees. I think the traditional wisdom, that additional degrees should only be...
  7. Re: Schools With Active Economic History Field

    UCLA has several faculty that are active in economic history, and it has an economic history specialization. An economic history course is also required for the Masters you can get along the way to a...
  8. Re: PhD Economics or Public Policy Profile Eval

    When I wrote my reply, I was thinking about econ programs. However, I do agree with tutonic that applied micro people do tend to apply to both top public policy programs as well as econ programs (I...
  9. Re: PhD Economics or Public Policy Profile Eval

    For top ranked programs, without a letter from a well-known economist, you may get filtered out because of the C in Calc II and the B's in the other math grades. Your quant GRE score is also on the...
  10. Re: Graduate Coursework -- PhD Real Analysis vs PhD Micro

    Addressing your concerns is difficult because while the material taught at most programs is similar, testing styles vary widely. Here is my input though, take it with the qualifier I just stated.
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    Re: Advice for Qualifying Exams

    I just finished my quals and got the results (I go to a T20 school). I would have appreciated more information from recent first years going into all of it, so I'll try and post my thoughts. I would...
  12. Re: Characterizing features of various PhD programs?

    I think there is value in discussing your question - especially if we ask about specific things that do not require opinions. In particular, it would have been nice to know what schools use...
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    Re: Poor grade in time series

    I don't this is a big issue, because if it happened early on in your undergrad and you showed stellar grades in the "core" math courses/econ courses adcoms care about they will most likely attribute...
  14. Re: Undergraduate Research: What's most useful?

    Oh ok. That's not all that bad then. It's still a little low if the job is in a high cost of living area. But like I said it comes with the very nice benefit of furthering the pursuit of a PhD and it...
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    Re: Online extension courses & PhD admissions

    I took an online extension real analysis class through University of Maryland University College. I'd say the following about it, but take my advice with a grain of salt because these are just my...
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