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    Re: How to Best Determine Rankings?

    Although rankings like QS can be useful as a starting point, I recommend applicants to be very, very careful about using rankings. You can easily disregard an amazing school because it is low in...
  2. Re: Doing a masters before applying for Phd in management or skipping it?

    Most PhD students have some kind of graduate degree, like a masters, but certainly there are still many who go straight from undergrad to a PhD. Maybe around 20% do a PhD without a masters or...
  3. Re: How to self-learn Phd-level strategic management knowledge?

    Well, you can learn some strategic management by yourself. But something that would really be considered PhD level? That's a huge challenge. Like, I have a bachelor's, an MBA, a Master's, and even...
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    Re: Profile eval for 40 year old :)

    Well, at least for business schools, it's hard to say who would be a "traditional applicant". We really have a lot of different people. Regarding age, for example, I'm 46, and I'm not the oldest at...
  5. Re: Thoughts on transferring PhD programs?

    Well, that's true for the vast majority of us. It's pretty rare to get an offer from our # 1 choice, usually we have to settle for less. And still we don't think about reapplying in the future...
  6. Re: Thoughts on transferring PhD programs?

    I'm not saying that it does not increase your chance. But whether that increase is from 0% to 1%, or from 2% to 10%, for example, should matter, and should depend on what is preventing the applicant...
  7. Re: Fellowship opportunities after admission

    I never tried anything like that. But I've been part of some talks related to money issues here, and opinions seems to range from "not much of a chance" to "don't waste your time with that".

  8. Re: Thoughts on transferring PhD programs?

    I agree with BCB. You gotta be pretty masochist to start a PhD, and then start everything all over again.

    And, as we often say here, we should only apply to schools that we would be happy with,...
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    Re: Any advices about being wait listed?

    Typically, when you get an offer, you have until April 15 to accept or decline it.

    So, I think you should wait a little, it's still February, a lot of things can still happen until then,...
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    Sticky: Re: 2020 PhD Applicant Sweat Thread

    A lot of interviews are individualized, with different professors, who have different schedules and priorities. Some gradcafe posts may be fake, of course, but I usually found them to be quite...
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    Sticky: Re: 2020 PhD Applicant Sweat Thread

    A short second interview is not necessarily bad. Some programs like to have the opinions of at least two professors, and then they do a second interview because of that (even if the professor for the...
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    Re: PhD Skype Interviews

    Different professors have different styles and goals when they interview an applicant. So, it's hard to predict, because what could work for one professor might not work for another.

    For example,...
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    Sticky: Re: 2020 PhD Applicant Sweat Thread

    I don't think we could give you a good answer without getting into specifics.

    For example, my feeling is that there is not much hope for a waitlist if you are applying to Quantitative Marketing....
  14. Re: When should I start looking for accommodation

    I started negotiations to rent an apartment in April, closing the deal in May to move from Brazil to the US in August.

    I think I found the place at ForRentUniversity.com. Not having an SSN was a...
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    Sticky: Re: 2020 PhD Applicant Sweat Thread

    Sorry, I don't really remember what specific schools do, and I don't even know who are the top-10.
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