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  1. Re: A- in Grad Micro I. How to react? Alternatives to make up for it?

    Given you go to a top school, adcoms know that these courses are often curved and that you are competing with PhD students for the A/A+. An A- is probably around the 60th percentile, and it's...
  2. Re: Profile Evaluation : Economics Ph.D. Admissions, Fall 2021

    I'd go even further: some programs actually explicitly say not to email professors during the application process.
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    Re: Applying to Different Programs

    Don't take this as absolute truth, but I went to undergrad at the school I am now getting a PhD. I was a double major in Poli sci and econ, and my experience was that there was not too much...
  4. Re: Profile Evaluation (for switch to econ MASTERS)

    You are correct that they have few development placements and they have a large focus on security type positions. But you can check their placement page and you'll find a decent number of post-docs...
  5. Re: Profile Evaluation (for switch to econ MASTERS)

    You seem like a really good fit for a program like the RAND Policy Analysis PhD program. I looked into the program extensively during my application process and it seems like they'd weight your...
  6. Re: Profile Evaluation - Real Analysis I Grade

    I want to echo startz: with the courses you've taken I don't think people will care very much about one or two A-s especially in a math department class. It's more concerning in a grad econ class...
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    Re: Profile Eval & Where Should I Aim?

    Synthesizing what the last few posters have said, I think a decent strategy then is to maybe throw one or two top 20 schools into your application portfolio, while not being under the false...
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    Re: COVID-19 and Prelim Exams

    I think it is an average of an A- or B+ with no individual course grades below a B, although I cannot find the document to confirm.
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    Re: COVID-19 and Prelim Exams

    At my school the comps have been changed to allow students who achieve high enough grades in the core sequence to skip potentially all of them. There will still be first-years who need to take them,...
  10. Re: Undergrad Looking for Honest Advice about pursuing an Econ PhD

    Econ departments are usually quite ok with undergrads taking grad classes. That's not the issue. I think the difference between math and economics is that economics undergrad classes are at a vastly...
  11. Re: Undergrad Looking for Honest Advice about pursuing an Econ PhD

    I actually agree more with Bayes re: taking grad micro. There is an interesting trade-off when it comes to grad micro: it is the best signal of your ability to pass your first year, because the micro...
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    Re: Question About Visitation Day

    I agree with the last two commenters that the visit can be very helpful on your end in making your decision. But I do see where you are coming from, and if you think the additional information is not...
  13. Re: 2nd graduate degree from Harvard Extension School

    I agree with this. I think some of dogbones' questions are unconventional, but they do seem genuine.
  14. Re: Value of Masters Degree Received During PhD

    Thanks this is exactly what I was asking. I get the value from getting it to hedge against future uncertainty, but I was mainly interested if there is any additional value. In my case the cost was...
  15. Value of Masters Degree Received During PhD

    Hi all,

    I am a current 2nd year in my PhD program. My program allows PhD students to tack on a master's in the course of their PhD by doing a little extra work (sometimes no extra work depending...
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