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    Re: Thoughts on transferring PhD programs?

    Transferring is quite rare, and I've only heard of it in two cases: 1. The advisor moves, 2. Some sort of life-and-death family emergency
  2. Re: When should I start looking for accommodation

    Definitely read some online reviews and try to get a feel for the place. Of course, the best thing you can do is visit yourself and look around, but that's not always feasible. Talking to current...
  3. Re: How do business PhD admissions view non-academic research and writing?

    That background would probably be viewed as beneficial or neutral. It would in no way hurt you.
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    Re: GRE score high enough? Or retake?

    It's good enough
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    Re: Another Profile Evaluation

    Seems to me like a competitive profile. You should really focus a lot of attention on the essays though and use it to sell yourself, there are always more competitive applicants than spots.
  6. Re: Another Profile Evaluation PhD in Management Information Systems

    You sound like a competitive candidate, but you should apply to a much wider range of schools. Like 20-30.
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    Re: Profile Evaluation: OB/Management

    It's going to be a hard sell. The UG GPA is pretty terrible. However, if you get the masters with glowing reviews from advisors there and demonstrate a strong research drive and maturity, you may...
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    Re: Profile Evaluation Before Applying!

    I take it you're going into accounting? It's not explicitly mentioned.

    If you are, it looks like a solid profile and you've given yourself a good range of schools. You're a well-qualified...
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    Re: Switching between Marketing tracks

    It depends on the department, but most likely you could.
  10. Re: Profile Eval [Engineering Undergrad, MBA]

    I think you've got potential, especially if you're an American, but you need to polish it up a bit. GMAT/GRE absolutely needs to come up for starters. I wouldn't freak out about GPA, 3.5 is good...
  11. Re: Profile Evaluation: Organizational Behavior/ Human Resource Management

    I can't speak for European schools, but you're not very competitive for top-20 US. The top-10 US are kind of random with what they're looking for in specific years, those big name schools (Harvard,...
  12. Re: Profile Evaluation: Organization Theory / Economic Sociology

    I can only speak for US schools, but I think you'd be fairly competitive. You might want to consider retaking the GMAT or retaking the GRE. However, keep in mind the top 10/20 US schools get far more...
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    Re: PhD : Managerial accounting or strategy?

    Do you have a background in either? Strategy is easier to 'jump' into than accounting, if you don't have a background in it.
  14. Re: 1st year Econ phd student in her early 30s looking to move to strategy programs

    As a Junior Faculty, going into a Management/Strategy department with an Econ PhD would be very tough. A management/strategy PhD is a requirement in most of the job listings.

    If you had an Econ...
  15. Re: How are those of you with no business background preparing to start your PhD?

    Sleep in while you still can
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