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  1. My test center has been dissolved

    Dear Scraggle18,

    Yes, I called the ETS. They are constantly calling my country India even over the phone...they think every country in South Asia is India! They made me wait for a very long time...
  2. Thanks !

    Dear Scraggle18,Thanks for your orientation. I have only 18 days left for studying for the December test ( if I can take it ). I am really worried because I got this strange e-mail from ets saying...
  3. post more details

    Dear Scraggle18,Thank you for posting your test experience. Could you please say a bit more on the emphasis and pattern of the questions in the test. It could be helpful for the December test...
  4. Bravo!

    Dear Bohemian,
    Bravo! Thanks for helping me so much. I had trouble downloading some of the materials from this forum..like the Korean 10 GRE, the 5 800score, the princeton etc. I got hold of NOVA...
  5. never seen NOVA guides

    Hello Bohemian,
    Thanks for writing. I have never seen NOVA guides in Nilkhet. Can you please tell me the name of the shop you bought the guide from, please? How good is NOVA guide...I am from the...
  6. Congrats deshi bhai

    Hello Bohemian,

    Good to know Bengalies are doing so well these days. Congrats! Are you from Dhaka or Kolkata? Please tell me from where you bought the Nova GRE guides. I have been told that this...
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    need help with my SOP

    Dear Cridamour,

    Congratulations on your admission at Brown! I would also like to thank you very much to help us with valuable information , advice and encouragement.
    I also applied to a number...
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    good argument

    Dear Aveno,:D

    I think you have written a very good argumentative essay! It is precise and well formulated and the overall organization of the essay, length, vocabulary and sentence pattern is...
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    Please share your verbal & writing study plan

    Congratualtions distillation!!! Please share your study plans with us in the forum especially in the verbal section and writing. Give us some tips and good luck with your quantitive part.:tup:
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    Hello there!

    Dear Phinlit, Pkkim and Bluewhisky,:grad:

    Hello there! I have been visiting this site for sometime but remained silent for very long. Taking the GRE in Lit was a big disaster for me. :yuck: I...
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    When is the GRE Format Changing?

    Hello friends!

    I want to take the GRE test this year. I heard ETS will change its GRE format. Can anyone tell me when they are going to begin the new format of CAT GRE? Please help.
  12. Nov. test takers plz post ur experience

    Dear friends,

    Those of you who have written their test on the nov. date please post your experience here. I'm writing the test on Dec. i'm very worried because my preparation is not so good and...
  13. i completed my test

    hi vvv and everyone else,

    i waited for so long for someone to post a sample of question but no noe showed up! at last i took the test myself today from dhaka, bangladesh. we had only 6 people...
  14. 19 nov tse examinees from Korea plz post ur qstns here

    Dear friends,:D

    I wish u all the best the 19th tse exam. those of you who are taking the test from the south east asian countries ( such as Korea, China, Janpan, Philipines, Hongkong, Taiwan,...
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    plz pray for me

    Thank you knok! i am taking tse on the 19th of november. very few people are taking this test from my country. so i am a little worried of what's going to happen. so plz pray for the best for me. i...
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