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  1. Re: Profile Evaluation (low GPA/math + good research/recs)

    I think you should focus more heavily on top 25 - 40, and not be surprised if you don't get an offer at a top 25 place. The RA definitely helps, but there are so many RAs now, and I'm not sure it...
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    Re: Pass/Fail due to corona

    Given that Pass/Fail is elective at your school, and that you will keep only a subset of your grades, any class that shows up as Pass/Fail will certainly be interpreted as a low grade.
  3. Re: Advice for low ranked PhD applicant in terms of mathematical classes' selection

    To anyone that is serious considering taking this nutter's offer: Do you think that a person who tries to dishonestly exploit labor from prospective applicants because they have no research funds is...
  4. Re: Please Help : Profile Evaluation for Fall -2021 (Phd)

    Think about it carefully. Yes I am angry. But why? Because back when I was a prospective applicant, I was willing to do anything. So I know the state of mind that applicants are in, and you are...
  5. Re: Please Help : Profile Evaluation for Fall -2021 (Phd)

    This person is either a grad student, a non-faculty member, or a faculty member not at a top school (given that he/she cannot pay their RAs). In any case, working for this person without pay is...
  6. Re: Please Help : Profile Evaluation for Fall -2021 (Phd)

    You needlessly spammed this forum instead of just writing one post. But more importantly, you are being deceitful. You are acting like getting a "good pub or two" is a given, and that is why you are...
  7. Re: Please Help : Profile Evaluation for Fall -2021 (Phd)

    This is what I wrote on their original post:

    Note that this individual does not indicate that he/she is a faculty member, which he/she probably isn't. And if they were, they are not worth working...
  8. Re: Please Help : Profile Evaluation for Fall -2021 (Phd)

    Mods should delete all these posts except the original post.
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    Re: Profile Evaluation?

    Your profile is good. Based on the GPA structure, you are at UT. Don't take the P/F, and I think you should apply for pre-doc programs as your odds will be much higher.
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    Re: Brown vs. CMU Tepper vs. RA

    Not necessarily true. Young AP's usually know how to write enthusiastic letters, are well connected and know what it takes to get into a top program. It is much better to have a letter from a young...
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    Sticky: Re: 2020 Sweat Thread

  12. Re: Bad and unfair grade for thesis, how would it affect admissions

    Academic injustice? You got an A- in an undergraduate thesis course...
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    Re: B- in Linear Algebra - retake?

    I agree with the gist of what you are saying -- that admissions are far from meritorious and that it is difficult for people outside of select "target" programs to get into a top 10 school. I also...
  14. Re: Canadian MA Economics Programs - Request for advice on deciding, please.

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    Re: 2019 Admission Sweat Thread

    I really wanted to refrain from replying to your post here but I couldn't stop myself.

    "Yes, my judgement could be biased a lot since I'm drawing conclusion from people coming from some specific...
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