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  1. Re: question about tilburg's financial situation 2016

    I don't have any up-to-date info, but my 2 cents:
    - It would be surprising that they'd kick out people after the Research Master - what would be the point of getting them in the first place? I know...
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    Re: Tufts MS or Duke MA program?

    One major advantage of Duke is that you can actually take courses in the Sanford School and work as a TA/RA for professors there. They are eager to hire Econ MA students.
  3. Thread: PhD Bocconi

    by pch

    Re: PhD Bocconi

    I am in a similar position this year, admitted but waitlisted for funding. I also applied to Bocconi 2 years ago and I was rejected. However, 2 years ago they still published the names of all the...
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    Re: Financial aid for a masters program

    Duke is probably the best program of the 3 you got into.
    Anyway, why don't you just wait with accepting the offer? You have until April 15th, there is no reason to do it before accepting the offer....
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    Re: Math req's for European Masters vs. US PhD

    You can get into these programs with very light math prep that will not get you admitted into a top 40 program in the US. However, to do well in these programs, you will be better off having more...
  6. Re: Masters in econ, what ranking range is realistic?

    At this point you should probably just sit back and wait for the results.
  7. Re: What quality of a letter of recommendation is this?

    Do not try to edit and improve this letter. You should find another professor who will be willing to write a letter for you. Make sure they get to know you, make sure you do work that will impress...
  8. Re: Breaking Point of My Life: Pursuing or not pursuing a PhD in Economics (Low GPA G

    Torsten Persson is NOT at SSE but at SU. Also, he is not at the Department of Economics but at IIES. As a master's student, you are unlikely to have any contact with him. Both schools (SU and...
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    Re: 2016 Application Sweat Thread

    The problem with this reasoning is that you have no guarantee that you will be closer to the top of your cohort in a lower ranked program (whatever you mean by lower ranked). It is also not...
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    Re: Employment after ECON PHD

    It's likely that job postings do not hang on the website for 1 year, but much shorter. Thus, at any given time there will be less postings than the aggregate number of postings in any particular year.
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    Re: Profile Evaluation (International application)

    I feel like your math background should not be an issue. You took the important courses, you have taken grad econ courses and also a grad course in functional analysis, which would be a strong signal...
  12. Re: Profile eval and help for next year admissions

    First of all, what are your research interests?

    If you can do well in the math courses that you are planning to take, you will be set math-wise.
    You may want to inquire about the people from...
  13. Re: Profile Evaluation - Top Student from Unknown Uni wants Top US

    It is not uncommon for top public policy programs to require students to take microeconomics and econometrics core courses at the economics department.
  14. Re: Importance of Program Rankings in Value Added Terms

    Just my 2 cents - I feel like there is one problem with depending on rankings: there isn't really one agreed upon ranking. I have met so many people who use absolutely different criteria for...
  15. Re: Do I have a good chance for an MA in Econ or an RA position after undergrad?

    There are still many unknowns about your profile, but I think you would have a shot at MA programs. Which programs in particular are you considering?
    Anyway, people really underestimate the...
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