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    Re: Three Paper System

    The three paper approach is pretty much standard in Business and Econ PhD programs and has been for quite some time.

    Instead of a monograph that is not journal publishable without significant...
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    Re: Introduction and Profile Evaluation

    Post on the econ forum not the introductions forum.
  3. Re: Economics Master before applying for Marketing PhD?

    Sorry about hijacking the thread with other stuff.

    As to your original question, the biggest consideration is why were your grades so poor in your first bachelors? If your overall GPA was pulled...
  4. Re: Economics Master before applying for Marketing PhD?

    I am only familiar with US/Canada but I did a quick check and saw that UNSW asks for all post-secondary degree transcripts and U of Queensland asks for all post secondary education (like HBS). I...
  5. Re: Economics Master before applying for Marketing PhD?

    Every PhD program that I know of (in every field not just business) requires full academic transcripts for all degree coursework even if the degree was in an unrelated field - let alone the OP's...
  6. Re: Economics Master before applying for Marketing PhD?


    If you hide a previous degree or grades and they find out you will definitely be rejected. If they find out after you start the program they can and probably will kick you out for...
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    Please Evaluate Profile: Re: Decided late to pursue PhD, advice

    Repost in the economics forum, not the general graduate admissions forum. You will get more responses.
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    Re: Sorry, Another Profile Evaluation.

    This will be long.

    First of all, do you actually have any idea what type of work is done on the academic research side of marketing or management? The academic research side of business is nothing...
  9. Re: What does it mean when a program asks me for a Skype meeting before the offer let

    Interviews are rare in econ, but are a standard part of the process in business PhD admissions. It is usually the final step before the committee makes their final decision and getting an interview...
  10. Re: Profile Evalutation - PhD in Business (Finance)

    Sorry to be blunt, but I don't think you have any clue about the competitiveness of finance PhD admissions or the difficulty of coursework in a finance PhD program and you are aiming far too high.
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    Sticky: Re: 2020 Sweat Thread

    They want to know if you are still seriously considering them, which may affect your rank within the waitlist. Knowing where else you got into and/or are waitlisted at can give them an idea of how...
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    Re: Profile eval for 40 year old :)

    I agree with Braz, even for a B-School PhD program, you will still need to brush up on your math no matter what. If your math background is fairly strong - at least Calc II, preferably Calc III, and...
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    Re: Thoughts on transferring PhD programs?

    I am going to add something that I have not seen anyone mention yet.

    Business PhD programs, depending on rank and field typically matriculate only 2-6 students per year in any given field (and...
  14. Re: Looking for a Grad level History of Economic Thought Textbook

    The closest thing to what you want is probably "A History of Macroeconomics from Keynes to Lucas and Beyond" by Michel De Vroey, though as was mentioned, any course would likely use various papers...
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    Re: Accounting/Finance PhD Profile Evaluation

    I understand why you prefer finance/accounting over OR.

    Having a masters degree in OR from a school of that tier is pretty good even though they do tend to be industry focused. I would suggest...
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