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  1. Re: European Masters Profile Evaluation (non-econ bg)

    Thank you so much, to tutonic for replying again and jrdonsimoni for your advice.

    tutonic, I will definitely be using the Math Camp to improve my quantitative skills. I'll also do a few free...
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    Re: Please grade my gre argument essay

    Hey! Here are my thoughts/recommendations:

    For your body paragraphs, it might be a good idea to give specific examples. "For example, manned flights may provide crucial information about how the...
  3. Re: European Masters Profile Evaluation (non-econ bg)

    Thank you so much for your response!

    An issue here is that at my university, a B+ is the immediate next grade after an A, i.e. there is no A- or anything in between. I'll be sure to have my...
  4. European Masters Profile Evaluation (non-econ bg)

    Hello! I am a Business graduate from a South Asian country looking to switch to Econ. I ultimately want to work for international organizations (especially IMF), so I'm looking for a Master's program...
  5. Profile Eval and Recommendations: Econ Masters After Business Undergrad

    Hello, everyone! I am a business grad hoping to get into Economics. I've always been passionate about the subject and research but I was unable to pursue it because of financial problems. I'm hoping...
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