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  1. Re: Starting from scratch and applying to PhD -- will this plan work?

    The thing is, this should work, but it likely won't.

    You'll find that doing well in courses and research while also working is not feasible in 3 to 4 years, maybe you could do it in 5 or 6 years....
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    Re: Suggestion on forum social norms

    I wish Erin had never added the upvote and downvote.
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    Re: Profile Eval, Fall 2021

    I see a number of positives in this profile. On the other hand, poor grades in math and micro are problematic. Also, it sounds like your "best" letters won't be from Econ PhDs.

    I'd recommend...
  4. Re: Advice for someone starting a PhD programme without Real Analysis

    My advice has always been to take it easy the summer before beginning your PhD. Watch some youtube videos on calc review, if you must, but don't stress out about math.

    My second piece of advice...
  5. Re: Coming up with research questions within the contours of the existing datasets

    Closed, off topic.
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    Re: COVID-19 and Admitted Students

    I'm not an immigration lawyer, but entering the US on a tourist visa when your actual purpose is to attend college would be violation of the terms of the visa and could get you deported and banned...
  7. Re: Pass/Fail for Graduate Admissions Because of CoVid-19

    If possible, do not take the pass/fail option in math or econ classes.

    Explain to your math and econ professors that you are intending to go to grad school. Hopefully, they are relaxing standards...
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    Re: Brown vs. CMU Tepper vs. RA

    I don't mean to be dismissive but the obvious choice is to go to Brown.

    CMU is a great school, too, but Brown is better ranked and provides better connections and opportunities.

  9. Re: Which of these Ag Econ Ph.D. programs to choose?

    Not much difference between these options. But, if you are into development, then being closer to DC will help - so I'd vote for VA Tech
  10. Re: What does it mean when a program asks me for a Skype meeting before the offer let

    Just ask them, politely.

    "It would be great to speak with [professor name]. Just to help me prepare, should I consider this an interview that is part of my application to the PhD program at...
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    Re: PhD Programs with Epilepsy

    Grad school is hard. We all need a support network. Your medical situation makes life even more complex. I would consider trying to find a suitable program closer to home.
  12. Re: European master's as stepping stone to Top 10 US PhD

    You have a funded top 20 offer?

    Take it.
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    Re: Question About Visitation Day

    If you're going to be quitting in June to start a PhD, what is the issue with using the PTO?

    Alternatively, some admitted students visit on a day that works for them rather than on the actual...
  14. Re: Looking for a Grad level History of Economic Thought Textbook

    I'm not sure what a Grad Level History of Thought book would even look like.

    Instead, those classes would actually read Smith, Ricardo, Mill, Hume, Marx, Menger, von Mises, Hayek, Keynes, and so...
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    Re: Question About Visitation Day

    Yes, you are admitted.

    You should attend the visit day if it is a school you are considering. Like fundergrad says, this is big commitment. Go check it out.
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