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    Re: Question About Diversity & Homosexuality

    I wouldn't mention it or anything else about your personal life for that matter in your SOP. The reality is adcoms will only care about how you function as a researcher while you are at their...
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    Re: PhD in Accounting Chances

    YaSvobden is right though. Why did you go to law school? A PhD program will have at least some concerns that you would go into a PhD program and not become an academic the same way you went to law...
  3. Re: PhD in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation

    Hooray for the synthesis project! There are quite a few people who research fraud. Heck, there are even a decent number of forensic researchers. And most ideas would also be viable in the auditing...
  4. Re: Need Advice PhD in Accounting Information System

    South Florida could also be added to your list of schools. I will note that taxphd is right. AIS has never been popular and IS has taken huge hits in popularity over the last decade. If you are an IS...
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    Re: PhD Accounting profile evaluation and advice

    I would focus more on just learning the material than getting any certification.

    I think you've been given very good advice. I would definitely target the 700+ plus school list and some of the top...
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    Re: Asking for application status

    No, if you had passed the initial skype interview, they would have contacted you very shortly afterwards. It only takes a day or two to skype all the candidates a school is seriously considering.
  7. Re: 2015 Accounting Interview/Admission/Rejection Results

    Pitt and UMass have reached out to candidates in January, February, and March in previous years according to the Grad Cafe so I think it's a little early to think they're already done.
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    Re: Accounting Nobel

    Theoretically yes. But I would first focus on getting into a top PhD program, getting placed at a top school, dominating and reshaping the field of accounting first before you set your sights on any...
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    Re: PhD in Accounting

    Yeah, I would probably focus on schools that have a lot of managerial experimental accounting research. Think Pitt, Emory, UT-Austin, Michigan State, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Indiana and the like....
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    Agreed with all above. I also would point out...

    Agreed with all above.

    I also would point out that by tailoring your SOPs, you can show your knowledge about the school. Does the school have great placement? Do they have more resources (research...
  11. I would urge some caution at looking at the...

    I would urge some caution at looking at the placement of the graduates and making conclusions about the program. A much better way of thinking about it is seeing whether the PhD students were...
  12. Yeah, schools in accounting normally only invite...

    Yeah, schools in accounting normally only invite somewhere between 3-6 applicants per position. Now, there are schools in accounting that have lost more than 3-4 faculty members which have done 20+...
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    Yep, all things equal, work experience, masters,...

    Yep, all things equal, work experience, masters, and certifications help, but I'm sure you'll be competitive at many schools. That said, I think you really should be applying to finance programs....
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    It is better to go to the US for your PhD and...

    It is better to go to the US for your PhD and then transfer to Australia than the reverse or trying to stick in Australia.
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    I would say there is nothing wrong if you've read...

    I would say there is nothing wrong if you've read a lot about a topic and have an interest in a particular area to mention that in your SOP. My only caution is that you should be careful with how...
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