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  1. I have applied to a bunch of econ PhD programs in the 1-35 range and a couple masters programs. I would like to be considered for need-based financial aid if that exists. Does such aid exist? Should I be submitting FAFSA or some other forms to apply for this? Or is all aid merit-based and such that I will be automatically considered given my regular application to the school?
  2. Hi everyone, I am currently a junior, looking forward to apply for a Ph.D in Economics sometime in the future.I would say two of my biggest concerns is that 1) I go to a small liberal arts college (although it is top 5), and 2) I didn't consider going to grad school under this year, so most of what I did in the past are irrelevant (marketing, finance, etc). I wanted to ask you for advice on what I should do during my senior year (still try applying to schools or just focus on full-time RA & etc?), where to apply, and for any additional comments/recommendation (also about what classes I should take next? Since I still have a full year left). Do you think I have the chances to be admitted to a top 15? Type of Undergrad: B.A. in economics from Top 5 LAC Undergrad GPA:3.84/4.0 at the moment Type of Grad: Grad GPA: Econ Grad Courses: TOEFL: Math Courses in the undergrad: Calc III, Linear algebra, Diff eq/modeling (all As); Econ stats (A-); Probability and math analysis in progress Econ undergrad Courses:Applied econometrics, Accounting and financial analysis, Micro (all As); Macro (A-); Development econ (B+); Adv econometrics and an elective course about poverty in progress GRE: planning to take soon Letters of Recommendation: I haven`t talked to them yet. But 1) most likely from econometrics prof I TAed for, and wrote a research paper for his class & he loves it and considers it one of the best papers written for his course BUT I don't think he's well-known 2) labor economics prof from MIT 3) not too sure about my third one... hopefully my thesis advisor? Research Experience: independent research supervised VERY closely by one of my letter writers (perks of LAC i guess) My supervisor thinks it's publishable. Planning to work as an RA for another one of my letter writers Teaching Experience: Teaching assistant/grader for econometrics course, and writing mentor for 2 econ courses Research Interests: Labor economics, Economics of gender & family Working Experience: I have so many working experiences, as I mentioned above that I wanted to go into industries after college but not anymore :( Worked as intern for the last 3 sem in private equity firm and consulting firm. past summer, analyst intern in investment/wealth management firm, marketing intern for the summer before SOP: n/a Other: Concerns: Too many, to be honest... 1) LAC 2) Letters from profs not well-known/no big connections 3) too much irrelevant work experiences (I am really not thinking of going into finance despite all my finance backgrounds. I wanted to go into finance and "sell-out" initially because of family financial reasons, but realized that that's not what I want to do) 4) No grad level courses Applying to: Also, MA is really not an option for me because of financial reasons as well (unless I go abroad and get scholarships). Do I have any chance (for both top PhD programs and competitive RAship programs)? and please give me all the advice for my senior year and this upcoming summer! Thank you very much your help!
  3. I have a fairly atypical profile. I am 39 and have had a fairly successful Wall Street career working for a few top banks and hedge funds as a proprietary trader and a portfolio manager with a focus on macro strategy. I've thought for a while that I'd like to get back into academia as a second career and finally pulled a trigger this year in applying to most of the top 20 programs in both, Economics and Finance. I haven't given it a ton of thought in the past but now I realize that my age could be a factor in the admissions process. I think that aside from that I have a pretty competitive profile: Ivy League Econ + CompSci minor with 3.5 overall and 3.7 Econ GPA; 163V/167Q/4.5AW GRE; top 15 MBA in Finance; top 3 MS in Math ( all A's after a bad first semester ); I have two solid LORs from a well known Finance prof who is a dept chair in a top 15 school and from my former advisor who is an econ prof with a strong reputation/recognition in his field, the third letter is from a former colleague who is Columbia PhD and worked as an economist at a top ibank and now a CIO at a small hedge fund. So, I think that aside from my age and making academia my second career, I probably have a decent shot at a top 10 program. However, the age factor gives my profile an extra "risk" parameter which not all schools will be willing to accept. I've addressed in my SoP how my experience could be beneficial to the schools I am applying to, as I have spent a number of years pondering some of the relevant questions in macroeconomics, monetary econ, and finance and that I know how to frame those questions and have developed plenty of ideas that i'd like to work on as a practitioner, which makes me more informed than a typical straight out of undergrad candidate. The issue that I am struggling with as to whether there are any other ways to mitigate the "Risk factor" since most programs dont interview candidates and I won't have that forum to address my profile's shortcomings. Would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has either been in my shoes before, has worked or studied with people who have gone to a PhD program later in life, or has been involved with adcoms that have looked at candidates similar to myself. or for that matter, anyone who can share an intelligent opinion or advice - would be highly appreciated! Thanks in advance to all !
  4. Hi, I am applying for economics and finance phd programs. I have been working with a prestigious professor in finance (Ivy) for the past year. We are close to drafting a working paper (probably expect it in Dec.) in which he and I will be co-authors. I intend to submit the paper as a supplementary document after it is finished. He is quite convinced that the paper is significant and believes it will be on a top general interest economics journal. The problem is the paper concerns timing. Even if it becomes accepted and published in a good journal, it won't be done in time to have a major impact on my admissions. I have concentrated much of my effort for the past year in this research and am wondering if I made the right choice solely focusing on this project. For clarifications, I took the usual math courses and did a masters in statistics. Also he is writing a rec letter for me and sent out his recommendation letter and assessments while I was present. Any feedback or opinion would be appreciated.
  5. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: B.S. in Economics and B.S. in Mathematics from TCU (Texas Christian University) Undergrad GPA: 3.5/4.00 (Some Cs in non major classes) Type of Grad: None GRE: 155V/ 167Q/ 5W Undergrad Math Courses: Cal I-III ( all A), Linear Algebra I (A-), ODE(A), Math Stats (A), intro to Stats (A), Probability Theory (A), Discrete 1(A-), History of Mathematics (A), Grad Level Math: Real Analysis 1 (A-), Abstract Algebra 1 (B) and will be taking Measure Theory in Spring, but after i submit application(is it still worth it to take this class after i submit application?) Undergrad Economics: Intermediate Micro and Macro (As) Econometrics (A) Game Theory (A) Health Econ (A) Public Finance (A) a few more but were in the C or B range. Other Courses: Intro Programming, Techniques in programming, Physics 1, Linear Programming Letters of Recommendation: 1 from professor who taught Micro and Game Theory, fairly young but very smart, hoping he can "brag" about mathematical abilities since micro was focused around optimization and Lagrange multipliers. 2nd From econometrics and Health econ professor, also a research assistant for her, but not publications and concrete work. 3rd from Department chair who graduated with phd in math from Harvard, hoping it looks good on paper as I dont have a solid relationship with him. Research Experience: None, am a small time research assistant to a profressor, but no name in published works. Teaching Experience: Tutor for advanced micro and calculus Research Interests: Micro theory, econometrics, game theory Looking for school suggestions or ways to boost my application, any advice or criticism is welcomed, thank you!
  6. Hi , i want to know which of the two schools ,UC Santa Barbara or UC Irvine are better for a PhD in economics , especially in labor and public.
  7. I have a general question about applying to PhD programs. I am in my third year as an applied math major and i'm planning to get a PhD. I've taken all the the minimum classes like Calc, Linear Algebra, etc. except for real analysis which i will be taking next year. My question is what other things can i do to signal my interest into getting into grad school. I have been trying to ask around for research but no one has really responded so maybe i'll my luck this quarter but what other things are a must for good signaling? Should i take real analysis and graduate econometrics in my 4th year? Would grad schools still take that into consideration considering they take the sophomore and junior year grades?
  8. Hello everyone! I would like to thank you all for taking a moment to help me. This is my first time on this site, so if a similar thread already exists please point me in the right direction. I have recently graduated from college, having double majored in Business/Finance and Accounting, and I currently work in a financial position. Although I believe my background is useful for an Economics Ph.D., I have not had much of an opportunity to take math courses while in undergrad. I do have Statistics and Calculus 1 & 2 on my college transcript but they were all taken during high school (5s on the AP exams). I believe that I am a strong math student that simply never took math courses in college because it was never required in an already full curriculum. With that said, going forward, I'd really like to explore opportunities in Ph.D. programs. It appears most, if not all, of the top programs require a mathematics background (Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Econometrics and Differential Equations). Is it true that I should look towards taking these classes before applying to Ph.D. programs, or will there be a "grace period" to complete these math prerequisites once accepted into a program? In the event I should take the courses before applying, I have been considering enrolling part time at a nearby community college (since it is extremely affordable). Would the fact that I'm fulfilling these requirements at a community college have a negative impact on an application as opposed to spending more money on a school with higher brand equity? Thanks again for all of the responses and help. I am truly appreciative.
  9. Kindly evaluate my profile: I want to join a good Econ PhD program, preferably in Europe, in the academic year 2016-17. · MBA (2011) from IIM Ahmedabad (India's top-ranked business school; FT MBA school rank 26 in the world for 2015) · M.Sc.(2011) in International Management, Bocconi University (Double Degree). · Thesis: "The role of advertisement-based sites in the growth of online advertising in India" · Bocconi GPA: 98/110 · IIMA GPA: 2.99/4 (While I was probably only in the top 70-100 in my ~300 strong batch, the MBA program of IIMA is one of most difficult in the world to get into, with admission rates around 0.1%. Each year this program is attended by ~300 of the best students in entire India, across disciplines. And this place uses relative grading. That means no one in the history of IIMA ever earned US-like GPA's such as 3.8+/4 etc. The max. GPA's would range around 3.4...3.5) · Working in the industry for the last 3.5 years (would be 4.5 years by the time I join a PhD program). For the last 1+ years I've been working in a Big 4 firm, in financial risk management advisory services. This role involves a significant amount of quantitative modelling in areas such as risk quantification (VaR, CFaR etc.), price forecasting using various models such as Vector Auto Regression etc. · B.Tech. in Electronics and Telecommunication in 2009 from one of top 20 engineering schools in India (Jadavpur University, Kolkata, for those who know) · Ranked 4/45000 in my state in West Bengal JEE in 2005. (Again, for those who understand what that is). The schools I'm targeting so far: University of Warwick, UK University of Nottingham, UK Paris School of Economics, France Toulouse school of economics, France Université catholique de Louvain, France Università Bocconi, Italy Tilburg University, Netherlands Maastricht University, Netherlands Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Netherlands (Tinbergen Institute) Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden University of Zurich, Switzerland National University of Singapore, Singapore [*]Given my profile, is it realistic to apply to these programs? [*]Given my profile, are there any other suitable Economics PhD programs in Europe (or Asia) which I should apply to? [*]Academic recommendations: Since I would be applying to Economics programs, I'd need recommendation letters from Economics professors in IIMA and/or Bocconi. Given my absence from academia for the last 3.5 years, it's difficult for me to get really strong recommendations from such professors. I plan to try and assist one of my Economics professors in IIMA or Bocconi on some small project over the next one year and request them for a recommendation on the basis of that. Given I work full-time as a consultant, this association (if at all possible) will have to be part-time and remote. There is no other credit whatsoever that I'm seeking out of such an association apart from research experience, enhancement of domain knowledge and support of my guide. Is this strategy at all realistic? [*]Thanks a million everyone for your very valuable inputs.
  10. I am applying for 2016 econ phd and I took only three math courses - Calculus 1, Real Analysis, Linear Algebra. Do you think it is possible to get admissions from 10-29th grad schools? I have bachelor's and master's degree in economics. If that is not sufficient, I am willing to take GRE math subject test. Do you think that will be helpful?
  11. Hello everyone, I am Brazilian and have had a low undergrad GPA (2,8 or 2,9) in economics, with grades swinging from excellent and very poor all the way throughout it (major depression episodes) (math scores were bad). But I managed to get better and got into a top 7 econ master's in Brazil (selection here is made by a tough test in macro, micro, math and statistics/econometrics). Did very well in undergrad macro (88 (A-) and 100 (A+) and in this test macro (98th percentile). Did a relatively good job in my masters, with GPA at 3,5. i feel confortable with the math required for grad school now (not much proofs, but can do fine through linear algebra, calculus and differential equations). I'm working on my dissertation in english and will have at least 1 good recommendation letter. I'm planning to take real analysis and retake some calculus and linear algebra to get better grades. It is also possible for me to do other math classes, like advanced calculus, ODE and metric spaces, It's just that it will take some time to finish it all. Do I have any chance to get into a 75-100 department in US? I'm thinking about SUNY-Buffalo, UNC-Chapel Hill, SUNY-Albany, U of Houston, UC Riverside, etc. May try UIUC but without much hope =) thanks in advance for any help
  12. Type of Undergrad: B.A. Economics, B.A. humanities - top school in Korea Undergrad GPA: 3.7(3.9/4.3, Summa Cum Laude) Type of Grad: M.A. Economics - same school Grad GPA: 3.5(3.8/4.3) GRE: 170Q 161V 4.0AW (planning to take one more time) TOEFL: 111 (planning to take one more time) Math Courses: Calculus 1(B), Linear Algebra(B+), Mathematical Analysis(A-) Econ Courses: Undergraduate courses - Micro(B0), Economic History(B+), Statistics for Economists(A0), Macro(A-), Labor(A-), Mathematics for Economics(A-), Public Finance(A0), International Trade(A0), IO(A-), Money and Finance(B+), History of Economic Theory(A0), Industrial Relations(A0), Stocks, Bonds and Financial Derivatives(B-) Graduate courses - Micro(B+), Statistics for Economists(A0), Macro(A-), Transition Economies and Economic Systems(A+), Studies in Growth and Transition Empirics(A0) Letters of Recommendation: 3 econ professors(1 strong, 2 don't know) Research Experience: Master's thesis on Chinese & North Korean economy using time series model, 2 years in research institute Teaching Experience: intermediate macro 1 semester Research Interests: Development, political economics, empirical studies SOP: not written yet but will emphasize my master's thesis, 2 years of research experience Concern: low GPA & few math courses & age(27 - Does this matter?) Dream schools: MIT, Berkeley, Cornell, Brown, NYU, Minnesota (I know I am aiming too high.) I am planning to apply this year and I am not sure which schools I should aim. I am interested in development and political economics phD in the US and in Great Britain(LSE or Oxbridge). Is it easier to apply for political economics phD instead of economics phD? Any comments are fine :) Good luck everyone!
  13. Hi, like most of us here, I have big dreams of studying econ phd in the U.S. or in top universities abroad. I would really appreciate your suggestions. Program: BSc in Applied Economics and MSc in Economics (5-year ladderized program) in a top university in the Philippines Cumulative GPA: 3.622/4. Graduate Math+Statistics Courses: Set Theory and Advanced Calculus (4.0/4.0); Linear Algebra and Difference and Diffential Equations (3.5/4.0); Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics (2.5/4.0); Matrix Differential Calculus (3.5/4.0); Real Analysis with Economic Applications (4.0/4.0); Static Optimization Theory and Applications (4.0/4.0); Dynamic Optimization: Theory and Applications (4.0/4.0); Econometric Theory (4.0/4.0). Graduate Economics Courses: Advanced Microeconomics 1 (MWG level-4.0/4.0); Advanced Macroeconomics 1 (4.0/4.0); Advanced Microeconomics 2 (Game Theory at Fudenberg level-4.0/4.0); Advanced Macroeconomics 2 (4.0/4.0); Microeconometrics (Cameron+Trivedi/Greenwood level-4.0/4.0); Macroeconometrics (Enders/Diebold level-4.0/4.0); International Finance (4.0/4.0) Undergraduate Economics+Statistics+Econometrics Courses: Mathematical Economics 1-2 (both 4.0/4.0); Economic Statistics (3.5/4/0); Microeconomics 1-2 (both 4.0/4.0); Macroeconomics 1-2 (3.0/4.0; 4.0/4.0); Econometrics 1-2 (2.0/4.0; 3.0/4.0); Economic Development (4.0/4.0); International Economics (3.0/4.0); Project Analysis (3.0/4.0); Special Topics in Economics 1-3 (4.0/4.0; 4.0/4.0; 2.5/4.0); Economics of Industrial Organizations (4.0/4.0); Operations Research (3.5/4.0). Research Experience: been RAing with a UIUC econ phd professor for two years now, research is mostly macroeconomics and time-series (DSGE modeling, global projection models, VARs, etc.); doing an internship with the IMF Resident Representative Office in the Philippines, project mainly involves construction+simulation of DSGE model for the Philippines); MSc thesis on a DSGE model with financial-real linkages; a policy brief published in ERIA (Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia). Teaching Experience: TAing under the same UIUC prof; applying for other professors too. Research Interests: Macroeconomics, Macroeconometric modeling (DSGE), Time-series analysis and forecasting. LORs: One from the UIUC econ phd alum (not extensively published yet but expert in DSGE modeling), one from Kyoto University econ phd alum (well published and an econometrics expert), both of them I work with under the DSGE team (so I think I have good chances of getting decent LORs from them), and maybe one from my intermediate micro prof alum of econ phd from Alberta University Concerns:Given this profile, what schools should I target? If I am aiming for top 10-20 universities in the U.S., what further steps should I take to improve my profile? Should I get a masters in econ from European universities? Should I take more math courses? Thank you very much, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I posted earlier this year about my non-traditional profile (feel free to check for background info), and have been able to change my math situation before I apply for Econ PhD and ARE/AE PhD programs. My concentration is development, I am aiming for some Top 20s and Top 30s. Can someone weigh in on whether this is enough math for applications for 2016? I will take a couple in the Winter of 2016 for preparation, but won't have transcripts for them (obviously). I have spent lots of time reading the other forum threads on math, but I remain confused (as many on this forum still do) as to what is the minimum/standard for admission vs. in grad school. Math Grad: Intro to Stats (A+), Advanced Stats for Policy Analysis (A+) Undergrad: Cal I (A+): took this winter, Taking now, summer: Cal 2 an Intro to Analysis, and Introduction to Linear Algebra. Fall 2015: Multivariable Calculus, and Ordinary Differential Equations My plan was to take Elementary Real Analysis in the fall, but it is not offered until next winter (only the more advanced Real Analysis is offered). I am still considering putting off applying, but would rather not. Would this Cal 2 with Analysis class and ODE be enough to send a signal? I will happily take Elem Analysis before starting grad school, and will write that in my SOP. Description of my Cal 2 with analysis class: A second course in calculus emphasizing geometric and physical intuition in which attention is also given to the conceptual foundations of calculus-analysis. Review of inequalities. Sequences. Completeness axiom of the real numbers. Continuity. Proofs of some of: the intermediate and extreme value theorems, the mean value theorem. Taylor's theorem. Standard curves and surfaces in 2 and 3-space. Tangent vectors, planes and normals. Partial derivatives, directional derivatives, derivatives as linear maps. Thanks for your help!
  15. Hi, I am currently a sophomore at Occidental College, a top 40 liberal arts college, studying International Relations and Economics, with a minor in math. I'm looking to get a PhD in Econ, but am worried that my low Calc I grade will hurt me. Should I retake it? As you can see I got a B- in Calc I, which hurts my econ GPA and my math one as well. If I retake it, both will be at a 3.7. Below are my stats: Major: Diplomacy and World Affairs and Economics, minor in Mathematics GPA: 3.43 (Doesn’t include grades in courses currently taking) GPA (Fall Semester, Freshman): 3.0 ((French 201 (C+) screwed it up)) GPA (Spring Semester, Freshman): 3.85 GPA (Fall Semester, Sophomore): 3.43 GPA (Economics): 3.42 (3.47 w/ an A- in Intermediate Micro) Principles of Econ I: A- Principles of Econ II: A- Intermediate Microeconomic Theory: A- (so far) Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory: B+ Economic Development: A- Calculus I: B- (should I retake?) GPA (Mathematics): 3.2 (3.47 w/ Calc II being an A-) Calculus I: B- Calculus II: A- (so far) Statistics: A- Planned Courses (Economics): Game Theory Applied Econometrics (Fall 2015) International Economics Senior Seminar (Honors) Planned Courses (Mathematics): Multivariable Calculus (Fall 2015) Discrete Mathematics (Prereq for real analysis) (Fall 2015) Linear Algebra Real Analysis Probability Mathematical Statistics Planned Courses (Computer Science): Intro to C++ (Fall 2015) Intro to Java I (Fall 2015) Intro to Java II and Intro to Computer Science Research Experience (Planned): Honors Comps in Economics Internship at Economic Policy Research Institute (South African think-tank) over Summer 2015 Summer Research on Campus Research with Polish Economics Professor (my mom knows the dean of a top twenty business school in Europe that I can do research with) GRE: not taken Target Schools: Top 30 – 50 University of Washington Georgetown George Washington University University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill Boston University University of California – Santa Barbara Rice University Reach Schools: University of California – Los Angeles London School of Economics Brown University Columbia University University of Michigan – Ann Arbor New York University
  16. I got offer from BU (boston university) (20.5k + summer) and JHU (johns hopkins) (28k). I plan to study macro, timeseries, international economics and hope to work as an economist in FRB or IMF. I am also interested in working in the academic field but I heard that it is not easy to have a good placement in the academia unless you are in top schools. I reviewed the recent placements and professors who are the main advisors of the recent candidates but it is really hard to make a decision since both schools are ranked at the same. Macro people from BU get a job in FRB while macro people in JHU usually get a job in IMF. Also, I know that JHU has a very small program, as small as Brown, while BU has a very large program. I have a good source of information about JHU since one of faculties in my undergrad is an alumnus. BU, however, I do not have any source of information and it has not yet invited me for the campus visit. Does any one have some inner information about BU? I wonder how they treat graduate students, how many students are dropped by prelim, how many students in the first year of a graduate school. Does someone have any good advice for choosing a school? Before I write this post, I visited econjobrumor (not wrote any thing though) and saw helpless blame to each other. I hope to get some good advice. Also, I am currently waitlisted (or conditional offer) from Cornell. Is Cornell much better than these schools? Should I choose Cornell if they give me admission before April 15th?
  17. Both are quite close in most of the rankings, some rank Rice above CU Boulder(US News) while others rank Cu Boulder better (Repec). CU Boulder Pros - It is really good place to live. Bigger department hence more and diverse faculty especially in IO and Development where my interests lie. Cons: Guaranteed funding only with 3.5 GPA which might get tough at times. Can't think of anything else Rice Pros- The program is attempting to get into top ones and have already hired a few good profs from Penn. Small cohort size and hence possibility of better attention from profs. Cons: To many profs in finance, environment and too few on IO and Development. Houston gets hot at time. Very few academic placements in past. So guys based on this and more information that you might have what will be better. I can really see the potential of Rice but the lack of profs and placements scares me. Rice seems to be risky with high payoff if it works whereas Boulder just seems to be a safe bet.
  18. I've been stalking this site for a while, but I haven't quite found a thread that pertains to my exact situation yet (although if you could send me a link to one, that'd be great). I am a junior at a regional southern university's honors college, and I think I have a fairly strong profile except for the prestige of my undergraduate university (except perhaps my math grades). Assuming I do well on the GRE, I'm shooting for the top 40ish; is that unrealistic? Should I try to go for a European research masters? Any advice would be lovely. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Regional nonprestigious university; honors college. Major: Econ, Minors: Chinese & Math Undergrad GPA: 3.85 GRE: Yet to take Math Courses: Calc I/II/III(B+,A,A), Linear Algebra (A-), Prob&Stat I-II(A-, A), Intro to Proofs (A), Real Analysis I&II, Mathematical Statistics (or perhaps another math elective?), Differential Equations (all yet to be taken) Note: I came into college with a very poor math background that I had to overcome, which is why a lot of the basic classes I have B+ and A-'s in. Econ Courses: Intro to Macro/Micro (A,A), Intermediate Macro (A), Intermediate Micro (A), Econometrics (A), International Econ (A-) Other Courses: A ton of Chinese classes (I'm a chinese minor), required honors classes Letters of Recommendation: 1 professor I've been working really closely with on a bunch of projects (Auburn PhD), UGA PhD prof that I'll be working on my honors thesis with, Econometrics Prof (NC State PhD) Research Experience: Honors thesis, worked on a couple research projects with the same professor, a public health research project (which isn't really related, wasn't econ-based at all) I'm also in a mentoring program for top econ students at my uni and I've applied for some Fed and Brookings internships this summer Teaching Experience: Tutor through the econ department Research Interests: health or environmental SOP: Haven't written it yet, assume i will tailor it for each school Concerns: Undergrad prestige, Math grades Other: Do you have any suggestions on how I can improve my profile? I would be willing to get a European/Canadian Masters if it would help my application. What range should I apply? Thanks!
  19. Hi there, It's my first time here. I would really appreciate any advice and comments. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: B.A. Honors Economics, Italian research private university well known Undergrad GPA: 97% Top 5% wrt colleagues Type of Grad: M.A. (1-year) same institution as above Grad GPA: 90% Top 10% wrt colleagues GRE: 170 Q 155 V 3A:doh: Undergrad Math Courses: Calculus I (A+), Calculus II and Linear Algebra (A) Econ Courses: 3 Micro (B A- A) 3 Macro (A A- A) 2 Stat/Econometrics (A+ A+) 3 Finance (A A A+) Grad Math Courses: 1 Math (A) - const opt, unconst opt, ode, de, bellman Econ Courses: 2 Micro (C A+) 2 Macro (C B) Econometrics © Letters of Recommendation: 1 Princeton PhD, 1 Columbia PhD, 1 Cambridge PhD Research Experience: Honors thesis Teaching Experience: None but private lessons Research Interests: Micro, Public, Growth SOP: Other: Applying to: LSE, Stanford, Columbia, NYU, NW, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Duke, Brown, Cornell, UCLA, UCSD and many others So my weak points are obviously bad writing skills, I still have trouble in writing my SOP. I really find it difficult to express myself in many words. I really prefer numbers and non open questions. My strengths would be strong quantitative skills I don't know if I am overestimating myself so that I included top 10 schools. Thanks to ZYX
  20. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: economics - Latin American university (among top 10 econ/business latin american deparments) Undergrad GPA: I am not sure about conversion; 9.4/10; highest grades of my year Type of Grad: master of accounting (the first two years of an accounting PhD) Grad GPA: 8.7/10; third highest grade of my year TOEFL: 102 GRE: next month Math/Stat Courses: (only As) Undergraduate level: calculus I, II, and III, linear algebra, statistics I and II Graduate level: introduction to real analysis and dynamical systems I and II Econ/Finance Courses: (only As, except asset pricing I and corporate finance I, which I got Cs and international economics, which I got B) Undergraduate level: micro I, II and III, macro I and II, game theory, public econ, monetary econ, econ growth and development, international econ, econometrics I, II, and III, finance I, II, III and IV Graduate level: micro I and II, econometrics I and II, asset pricing I, corporate finance I, macro I, econ growth and development Accounting Courses: (some As, some Bs) Undergraduate level: accounting theory, financial accounting, cost accounting, analysis of financial accounting Graduate level: asset pricing with accounting variables and seminars Letters of Recommendation: They are PhDs from top 10 departments of economics and have relevant international publications; one of them has tenure in a top 50 econ department 1. Econ PhD; econ department director; I had 4 subjects with him and I was teaching assistant; he is supporting me a lot. I expect to get an excellent LoR from him 2. Visiting scholar; I just had one graduate level subject with him, but I had an excellent performance and when he asked me if I had intention to study in USA, he told me that he would write a LoR for me (this one has tenure in USA). I expect a very good LoR from him 3. Professor of micro (graduate level); again, just one subject, but I performed pretty well and he told me that he would write a letter for me (but differently of the american professor, I had to ask him for the letter and he did not demonstrate the same enthusiasm). I still expect a good LoR since he told me he would write, I performed very well in his classes, and I have a good relationship with him, but I do not expect something more than good. (Maybe other options I have would be better: 1 PhD from a top american stat deparment, 1 PhD from top 10 econ department or 2 PhDs from top latin american econ departments; they know me very well, I am very very close to them, but they do not have the same amount of international publications like the ones cited above, although they still have good publications) Research Experience: two years supporting my econ professors' researches; undergraduate thesis; master thesis Teaching Experience: only undergraduate level: micro III, calculus I, statistics I, and econometrics I Concerns: 1. Low TOEFL grade (I think I will retake it) 2. GRE verbal section. I expect perfect score for GRE quant section, but low score for verbal section 3. Few math classes in comparison to competitive profiles that already appeared in this forum 4. Prestige. My department is young. It is still getting prestige. It is already well known in Latin America, but not in USA/Europe 5. Age. I am still 21. I will finish my undergrad and grad programs at the same time. I do not know if american/european professors will see it with good eyes. It may sound like a good productivity sign, as well as it may sign like I studied too many things at the same time and, consequently, did not absorb everything that I could absorb from both programs (although my grades were pretty good in both programs). And maybe it is something normal in USA and I do not need to worry about; it may be just a storm in a teacup 6. Accounting program. Although the courses I took in this accounting program are very similar to the available ones in econ programs - I used Mas-Colell for micro, Greene and Hamilton for econometrics, Cochrane for asset pricing, Tirole for corporate finance, and Bartle for analysis (ok, this last one may be soft for econ programs) - the name of the program is still accounting. I do not know how american/european econ professors face it 7. First application. Because my university is still young, I will be the first student to apply for a PhD program after making a master program. Some students already studied in top USA departments, but they were just visiting students 8. Gap. There is a 6 months gap between the time i conclude my undergrad/grad programs (december) and the time the PhDs I am applying for starts (after july), then I can take some math or stat classes (master level) and improve my math/stats skills I would like to know what are my chances of going to top 20 USA econ PhD programs or top 10 european econ PhD programs. I know the answer may be that I have very very low chances (or even no chances), then I also would like to know which american and european departments are more appropriate for my profile. And I would like to know if a master program in economics would be a good idea for me (and which programs are more appropriate for me). I am also considering Accounting PhD programs that are econ-oriented, then I would like to know what do you think about my chances. Thank you very much!
  21. Hi every body, I am a fresh men to the urch, does like many guys on this forum, who has very outstanding back ground, my background is comparably week, I want to see if I have the opportunity to apply for an econ or applied econ phd in 2015, any program which can give me offer is ok. I did undergraduate English out of united states, and has a pretty low gpa 2.83 then I did MBA in finance in a top 200 university in United States, graduated with a gpa of 3.41 Now I am doing master of applied economics in a top 100 university in United States and have a gpa 3.3. and is on the process of taking 5-leveled math courses. I have finished a research paper, and going to write my master's paper. Now, I want to here you guys' suggestion on which program should I choose and how to deal with such a weak backaground
  22. Hi every body, I am a fresh men to the urch, does like many guys on this forum, who has very outstanding back ground, my background is comparably week, I want to see if I have the opportunity to apply for an econ or applied econ phd in 2015, any program which can give me offer is ok. I did undergraduate English out of united states, and has a pretty low gpa 2.83 then I did MBA in finance in a top 200 university in United States, graduated with a gpa of 3.41 Now I am doing master of applied economics in a top 100 university in United States and have a gpa 3.3. and is on the process of taking 5-leveled math courses. I have finished a research paper, and going to write my master's paper. Now, I want to here you guys' suggestion on which program should I choose and how to deal with such a weak backaground
  23. Hi everyone, Does anyone have recommendation about how international students (who are studying in the US) should prepare their well-rounded experiences (I'm not talking about doing research at their institutions) before applying for econ grad school? It's really hard to get an internship in the US as many internships require citizenship. I have been interning with government of my country (all major macroeconomic-oriented govt agencies) for two summers including this upcoming one and I really appreciate any thoughts/comments for my next summer in 2015.
  24. Hi everyone, I'm trying to choose between group theory and adv prob and stat (which will talk about Bayesian Stat). Which one is more useful? I am planning to take real analysis and econometrics for sure and I want one more math class. Math department divides abstract algebra into 2 classes: group theory, ring and field. Both group theory and adv prob and stat won't be offered again next year and ring and field will be offered next year. My concern is if I should take ring and field, I might be better off to have some background in group theory as well. FYI, I have taken both prob and stat. did very well in stat and did not so well as I expected in prob. Please give me advice.
  25. Hi everyone! I find it very difficult to choose between UCLA and Minnesota (ECON PhD); I wonder if you have any suggestions! Though Minnesota out-ranked UCLA in Macro, I am not sure about the situation in other fields (Metrics, IO, Trade, Micro Theory...). As people may change directions, I hope to get a more comprehensive overview. On the other hand, UCLA has a great FINA department. If I focus on macro-finance and asset pricing, will I be able to co-author with some FINA professors in UCLA? (In this sense I guess UCLA is superior). Also, UCLA has a larger department. So I am wondering if you would know something about the two departments, such as placement, research strength, performance in 5 years (any trend of declining or arising?), whether faculty members care about their students and etc. I really appreciate your advice! ******************************************************** some info about my research interest Currently I like asset pricing/markets, macro-finance, growth, and some metrics (but I may change my minds...) So UCLA has professors like Andrew Atkeson, Roger Farmer, and Pierre-Olivier Weill, and Ariel Burstein in international econ Minnesota has professors like José Víctor Ríos Rull, Fatih Guvenen and etc... Do you have more information/comments about the faulty in the two departments?
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