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  1. Hi! I’m applying to a variety of PhD programs this year.
  2. Hey everyone, I am a first year at the University of Virginia and am hoping to a PhD in economics. The main problem I am having is I feel that there is very little support for me at this university, for example: the vast majority of resources seem to be devoted to our business school, I am unable to assist in or conduct any research until my third year, and there is only one economics related club. In only a few weeks, I have made a few connections with the top economics professors at our university and feel that letters of recommendations from them will not be too hard to get. I am very motivated, have already taken high level math classes, but it seems like I could excel much more if given the proper opportunities. I few options I have been considering that aren't too far out of reach include: Northwestern, Georgetown, Cornell, Berkeley, UPenn, and Columbia. I have lots of other extracurriculars I am very excited about, but none of them are quantitative and all of these other universities have vastly more assistance for econ majors. I am hoping to get into a top 10 PhD program and was wondering how beneficial/hurtful transferring to another university would be. Thanks in advance.
  3. So I am interested in macro theory and poverty, and there are several professors in my department in this field. My interests align more with two professors, but another one has a substantially better publication record (though it's primarily in housing, which I do not find interesting). This third professor also coauthors with more people from other institutions (Top 30 schools, Fed, etc), and has being published several times in top 5 journals in the last 2 years or so. Is it worth trying to work with him even if my research interests don't totally align with him? I'm guessing I would learn how to do better research from him and have a more recognized advisor when entering the job market. What should I do? Is there overlap between these areas?
  4. Hello! I finished undergrad quite recently, and am looking to get a sense of how strong my profile might be. I don't think I will do a PhD immediately, and I would strongly consider doing a predoc as well. Type of Undergrad: B.A. Economics and Mathematics (joint major). Top 10 US News ranking. GPA: 3.92. Major GPA: 3.94 GRE: Not taken yet P - Pass on Pass/Fail grading scale. Econ courses: Intro macro/micro (A/A); Advanced Micro (A); Intermediate Macro (A); Mathematical Game Theory (A); Trade and Development (A); Development Economics (P); Econometrics (P); Spatial Economics (P); Note: I got written commendations for both Development Economics and Econometrics that state I was among the top students in the class for both. Also would have gotten an A in Spatial Economics. Math courses: Calc III (A); Linear Algebra (A); Real Analysis I (A); Vector Analysis (A); Complexity Science (A); Stochastic Processes (A-); Intro to Probability and Statistics (A-). LOR's: (1) Asst Prof at Top 10 US News, 9 month part-time research and finished top of their class (2) Full-time summer RA for Asst Prof at Top 20 US News; (3) Unsure who to ask Research experience: Lots of RA jobs throughout undergrad. I realize I have some holes to fill (figuring out who would be my last rec letter, taking the GRE). Still, wondering whether people might have insights as to what kinds of schools might be attainable with this baseline. Further, if anyone had any advice for things I should consider doing (for instance doing an RAship and take more math classes or something). Thank you in advance!!
  5. Erin


    I moved the forums around a little bit today--I put the more popular forums at the top. Maybe this will make it easier to use for some folks.
  6. I applied to 19 schools this year (17 PhD in Finance across US and Europe) and 2 MSc in Finance (LSE, Tinbergen). I was rejected without interview from 16, had interview at Michigan Ross and INSEAD and finally got an offer from Bocconi for PhD in Finance. I have a decent profile coming from top schools in my country (Bachelors in Physics, MBA) but have had below average grades in my UG Maths sequence (B-, B, B+). In the first two ones, I simply did not study (please don't ask why). So the rejections (especially from Masters program) fill in tremendous self doubt as to my ability to handle PhD level curriculum. I have worked on 2 research papers during my Masters, cleared CFA Level 2, working in a top US Bank and work with utmost discipline and sincerity. I think my primary motivation for pursuing a PhD was not research rather 2 factors. One, I love teaching, having taught in schools and other people. Second, I hate corporate world and the feeling of having sold myself and my life for big bucks. So being a Professor seemed a good option. But I don't know if I should even pursue this path anymore. Seeking some advice.
  7. Education: Top 10 undergrad, majoring in CS and Statistics Test Scores (GRE): 170Q, 168V Undergrad GPA: 3.9 (Major 3.85) Research Experience (my weak point): 1. RA for graduate student my freshman fall 2. Relatively weak independent study my senior spring Teaching Experience: 1. Three semesters as a TA for a CS class 2. Online course development 3. Grader and tutor for multiple departments Work Experience: trader intern at top firm (2x), quant intern at top bank (2x) Relevant classes: 1st semester of PhD microeconomics, macroeconomics, econometrics, all A's. several applied statistics and ML classes, through the graduate level, all A's. several theory and asset pricing undergrad electives, all A's. Target programs: Duke MA Econ UW Madison MA Econ Columbia MA Econ UIUC MA Policy Economics Penn State Econ MA NYU Econ MA Cornell AEM MA UM Twin Cities AEM MA Vanderbilt GPED MA International student and will apply after working, so I can't do a predoc instead of a masters.
  8. Hi, Where would folks over here rank BU overall and especially for development and labour? I know it's classified as a MRM but where exactly would it fit? Top 25? Top 30? Top 40? Also, if you're a PhD student at a MRM, what are some helpful advice you have for improving your profile and making yourself competitive for the academic job market?
  9. Hi. Is it common to negotiate offers? If yes, how should I go about it? I believe the offer that my top choice school has given me will not be enough to sustain myself. I have an offer which is 7000$ higher than what my top choice program is giving me. Is there any way I can talk to these guys? Any polite way of doing this? I would love to attend the program but I don't think I have the funds to sustain myself.
  10. Hi all, I want some opinions on getting MS in Statistics before applying to Econ PhDs. My plan is to pursue MS in Statistics, specifically either a "MS in Applied Statistics/Data Science in Finance" or just "MS in Applied Statistics." I do have an option to pursue "MS in Mathematical Statistics," but I was told that almost no one studies this here at my school (yeah people want to get jobs after this program). I am not considering the MS in Economics here at my school because we only have online version of it. Also, our Stat department is stronger than Econ (T20s vs T50s). So, given that I have an undergrad profile that makes me a quite strong candidate in T30~40s (like top GPA in Econ, Math&Stat minor, top GRE, etc.), by how much do you think my chances will improve in getting into higher Econ PhD programs by getting an MS from one of those programs? Of course, given that I do well (like >3.8/4.0) and do some research with Econ professors on the side. Also, which of the two~three options should I choose? Just to further elaborate on my choice of MS program, I do not want to spend a fortune in other MS programs in Europe or Private Top universities, and I have a strong shot of getting a funding here.
  11. Hi, I have orginially focused on Europe for PhD Programmes, but going to the US has always been my dream. I believe I have a pretty solid academic profile, but I can imagine that the US Programmes are extremely competitive so do I have a chance at all for a fully funded programme? Test Scores: GMAT 690/85% (considering to take the GRE) Undergrad (Bachelors in International Management): Top 3% at a renowned European Business School Graduate (one year Masters in Managerial Economics): Top 5% at the London School of Economics (I know several professors personally who would write me a distinguished reference letter) Research Experience: Two dissertations (for my degrees) + 6 months as a reserach assistant (however not as a co-author) Teaching Experience: none Work Experience: Several internships in Consulting + at the time of application ~1.5 year of full-time experience (not McKinsey/BCG/Bain, but a good name) Concentration Applying to: Management with a focus on Strategic Mangement or Managerial Economics/Applied Economics Number of programs planned to apply to: not decided yet Dream Schools: Something within the top 20 in the US, otherwise I would probably stay in Europe Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? During my Master degree I really enjoyed doing research and after starting to work as a consultant, I realized more and more that an academic career would be better suited to me than an industry job. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? -I had only few Economics courses and only entry level Maths/Statistics courses within my Undergrad degree (and only Applied Economics courses in my Masters). Do I therefore disqualify for most Applied Economics/Managerial Economics programmes? -Would a GRE score of ~85% be sufficient to have a shot? Having a 60h work-week, I unfortunately do not have the time for extensive preparation. Any additional specific questions you may have? --
  12. Hi everyone. I'l try to keep things as short as possisble. Undergrad: Top 50 USNEWS with a 3.7 in economics. The problem is my transcript looks terrible (semesters with low courseload, only math taken was calculus 2, B in intermediate micro). I was dealing with medical problems throughout undergrad so I didn't really focus on my courses too much. But I aniticpate completing 2 masters programs at LSE. One in applied mathematics which would cover graduate level math courses and the EME. Assuming I were to get top marks and rank highly in both of them, would that be enough (along with RA experience, good recomendations etc) to get into the top 5 or at least make my poor undergrad performance not such a big deal? Thanks in advance!
  13. Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): 168Q 168V 5.5 AWA Undergrad GPA: 2.11 - Bachelor of Science (Applied Math) from #1 ranked university in Australia My undergraduate degree was marked by significant personal and mental health challenges (which are now behind me). I intend to detail this in a separate Statement of Impact, potentially including a letter from my treating clinical psychologist if this will help. I am hoping that clemency will be afforded to my undergrad performance based on these facts. Graduate GPA: 4.0 - Master of Business Administration from #1 ranked business school in Australia 4.0 - Master of Marketing from #1 ranked business school in Australia Awards: Dean's List (top 10% of class) for MBA/Master of Marketing Received Dean's Commendation Awards for the subjects 'Business Strategy', 'Consumer Behavior', 'Managerial Judgement', and 'Marketing Research' for all-round excellence, both in terms of academic achievement and classroom participation. Research Experience: Currently writing a business case study on a medical device start-up, under the supervision of a tenured Professor who holds a PhD from MIT. Hoping to publish this with Ivey Case Publishing. On completion of the case, this Professor & I intend to complete a research piece and publish a paper on qualitative predictors of medical device start-up success. Teaching Experience: TA for 'Data Analysis' for 4 terms (and ongoing), maintaining an average student satisfaction rating of 9.47/10. Additionally, I will be taking on a TA position for 'Managerial Economics' in 2021. Work Experience: 'Head of Marketing Research' at a relatively small coworking space start up (~30 employees, but raised over $20m in funding). Additionally, have my own marketing research consulting business. Other comments: Not sure if it's worth noting, but I am a dual US-Australian citizen. So whilst I have completed my studies in Australia, I am unclear on whether I apply as a domestic or International student. Concentration Applying to: Strategic Management Number of programs planned to apply to: 20 Dream Schools: Top 20 US + INSEAD, Oxford, Cambridge. Other Questions: Questions or concerns you have about your profile? Obviously my undergraduate performance is quite abysmal - I had several failing grades, as low as 5 and 17 (although, these were because I disengaged from the class and did not even sit the final exam). I am hoping my subsequent performance and Statement of Impact will clearly demonstrate that this is not an accurate reflection of my abilities, and was instead due to significant mental health challenges at the time. However, the question remains: how much clemency might I expect from Top 20 schools with regards to my undergraduate performance? Do I have a reasonable shot at some of my target schools (top 20 US + INSEAD, Oxford, Cambridge) or will my application likely be summarily dismissed? Is there anything else I can do between now and end of next year to strengthen my application? Assume I have a strong Statement of Purpose and Letters of Recommendation.
  14. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Top 2 Canadian University Undergrad GPA: 3.88/4.0 Type of Grad: Grad GPA: GRE: waiting on results, should come soon Math Courses: Calculus (A), Multivariate Calc (A-), Linear Algebra I & II (A), Differential Equations (A+), Topics in Abstract Math (B+), Probability and Statistics (A+), Real Analysis (A+), Topology (In Progress), Nonlinear Optimization (winter semester), Group theory (Winter Semester) Econ Courses: Intro Micro and Macro (A-,A), Intermediate Micro and Macro (A,A-), Game Theory (A-), Information Economics (A+), Market Design (B+), Econometrics (A+), Behavioral Econ (A), Causal Inference (A), Advanced Macro (A), Financial Econ (In Progress), PhD Micro I (In Progress), IO (winter), International Trade (winter) Other Courses: Letters of Recommendation: 1.Prof who taught me Game theory, Information econ, and PhD Micro 2.AP who I RA'ed for, for a year 3. Professor who supervises the thesis course Research Experience: RA for a year, writing thesis, wrote a small theory paper about reputation in Information Econ class not sure if it counts Teaching Experience: N/A Research Interests: Micro theory or IO Other: Where should I be aiming for? One of my letter writers told me he's not sure if his letter would be good enough for top 10, how bad of a sign is this? Do I have a chance at top 15?
  15. First time poster, long time reader here. I am a junior and an international student at a top 15 undergrad program in the US (top 50 econ), and I started to prepare myself to apply to grad programs relatively early, and once I wanted to be competitive at the very top schools, I planned to have taken multiple Grad level courses by the time I apply in my senior year. Well, I had my final exam for Grad Micro I today and I ended up making a series of errors due to lack of sleep and not knowing when to take the hit and move on to the next question (no excuses, I could have prepared earlier/better, my fault) that dropped my course grade from 97% to 92% (A-) So, from what I have read here, an A- in Grad Micro I is not the end of the world (even though I am feeling like it is today), but it does not help me either. First, how affected were my chances at a Top 5 program? Is an A- something I need to make up for, or is it something that will simply not stand out and I need to work on other things? Also, I am still a junior, so I have 1 year until I apply. I was planning to take 5/6 math courses next Spring, and then take Grad Metrics/Macro + Senior thesis during the Fall of my senior year, but now I might consider taking Micro Theory II next Spring to make up for the A-. Any ideas on that? I will leave my standard profile below. Any thoughts/advice you can give me will be appreciated. PROFILE Type of Undergrad: US News Top 15 - Math and Econ Major Undergrad GPA: 3.93 GRE: N/A Math Courses: Calculus (I,II,III), Linear Algebra, ODE, Intro to Math Reasoning (A-), Scientific Computing, Real Analysis, Operations Research, Intro to Probability. All A unless indicated otherwise I was planning to take next semester: Numerical Analysis, Complex Variables, Math Methods in Fin Econ, Topology, Stochastic Modeling, Algebra (can cut one or two if useless) Econ Courses: Intro to Micro/Macro, Intermediate Micro/Macro, Stats for Econ, Metrics, Monetary Theory, PhD Micro Theory I (A-) All A unless indicated otherwise Letters of Recommendation: Still a little bit unclear, but I am currently doing separate research for 2 Full-time Professors both for 1 year. Started talking about a senior thesis with another professor recently. Research Experience: RA for the above professors for 2 semesters and 2 summers. Teaching Experience: Math Grader if it counts
  16. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad/Graduate: BA (Liberal Arts - UK), MSc Top 10 UK 4.0 equivalent, BSc Maths (Open University) - 4.0 equivalent Cumulative GPA: 4.0/4.0 (equivalent) GRE: Sitting soon Math Courses: Not as separated as in the US. Roughly covered, Calc 1-3, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Real Analysis, basic stats/probability, Group Theory, Metric Spaces, Numbers and Rings. (All A's or A-'s). Econ Courses: One year of undergraduate courses and one year of post-grad courses. 1st year coming from liberal arts did poorly in undergrad courses (I.e. B's in intermediate micro/macro). Second year MSc at Top 10: all A's apart from one class (B). Took classes in Micro, Macro, Econometric Theory, and other optional classes. Letters of Recommendation: Three associate professors/professors from the Top 10 UK university where I did the MSc (should be good) Research Experience: MSc Thesis (A equivalent) Teaching Experience: None Work Experience: Private sector (few years out) (finance - non econ related) Programming skills: Stata, basic Matlab Questions/Other/Concerns: ​ Completed the BSc Maths after the MSc, while working. - Low ranking of BSc Maths (although the content is pretty reasonable - Q31 | BSc (Hons) Mathematics | Open University) - concerned about this - non top 5 UK universities are not respected so not sure how US universities will react - 6 years since completed the MSc (only just completed the BSc in Maths) - Don't think I can get into top 5 in the UK. Can't afford another masters. What sort of places are plausible in the US/UK/Europe? Sorry if I have missed anything out. Please let me know and I will answer.
  17. Hey fam, I'm starting to get a little anxious as I finish up and submit my applications. I'd love some input on my application and any other advice you have. Thanks! Micro OB/Management PhD applicant Test Scores (GMAT) 720/800 (94%), V: 41/51 (94%), Q: 47/51 (60%), AW: 5 (56%), IR: 7 (81%) Undergrad GPA: 3.84/4.00 overall, BS in Psych from a solid private school Graduate GPA: none Research Experience: 2 years, part-time with 3 faculty, econ, OB and Psych. Worked 0-20 hr./week depending on need. Also did several research projects in my research based classes (research design, psych testing, stats in psych, writing in psych, etc.), Research tools: R, Stata, Qualtrics. Teaching Experience: 1 semester as a TA for psych. Work Experience: 1 year in HR consulting/training as a project manager. Letters of Rec: OB professor I did research with, Psych professor I did research with, Psych professor I had 3 classes with and is a mentor/friend. Concentration Applying to: Micro OB, interested in Business/Behavioral Ethics, Meaning at Work, Positive Org Scholarship, Moral Psych. Number of programs planned to apply to: I've applied to 9 as of now, may apply to a few more. Dream Schools: Harvard, Michigan, Washington Other Questions: What made you want to pursue a PhD? - I thought the career would be intellectually stimulating, flexible, and challenging. I thought research could make an impact and that teaching/mentoring would be meaningful as well. Questions or concerns you have about your profile? - Concern is my Quant score. It's a solid score, but not too high on percentile. Not sure how much micro OB programs are sticklers on this one? Also, I'm applying straight out of undergrad without a masters, I've heard this isn't too big of a deal as long as you are prepared but wanted more input on that. Any additional specific questions you may have: - I'm applying to a mix of top 10, top 20 and top 40 schools (based on TAMUGA rankings). Right now I've applied to 9. Should I apply to more? Is my application strong enough for a top 10 school?
  18. I took the GRE a few days ago and got Q165, V167. Given the fact that many top schools aren't requiring GRE scores, should I submit these relatively mediocre scores to top programs? Here's further context about my profile: Undergrad from average Canadian school with 3.94 overall GPA and 3.99 GPA in Math/Stats/Econ courses. A+'s in all math and econ courses, including real analysis and advanced cal, except for A's in linear algebra and probability theory. Master's from top-2 Canadian school (top 40ish globally) with all As and A+s. Short RA-ship during my Master's with a good young prof on an AEJ paper. I've been working in the public sector for 1.5 years since finishing my Master's. LORs from my RA-ship prof and MA Econometrics prof, neither of whom know me super well, but both seemed happy to write the letters. Other one is from a PhD economist I worked with in government who got to know me very well. Applying to US top 10 schools and Toronto.
  19. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Top 20 State University US News(Econ major), Econ major. Cumulative GPA: 2.98/4 Currently doing MA in top 60 University US News. (Applied Econ) First semester in the school and I have three more semesters left before the graduation. I will try hard to get streak A for my masters to compensate my bad undergrad GPA. The program is very heavy in math and Econometrics. GRE: 168Q/152V/3.5AWA. I took it a year ago, but I can retake it if it's necessary. Math Courses: Undergrad: Calculus I (3.5), Calculus II (3.0), Stat I, II (3.0). Research/Teaching: Currently working as RA and GA. Programming skills: Stata, R, Python As you can see I don't have strong mathematical background from my undergrad, so I'm thinking of taking extra math courses during my masters if possible. I'd appreciate if you could recommend any math related courses I should take. And if I graduate with solid A's in my masters, what are the chances of me getting into top 50 Econ Phd? Thank you in advance.
  20. Hi everyone. I am applying to finance PhD (2021 intake). I would appreciate if you could advice on my profile. Thanks so much in advance! Applying to: PhD in Finance (Research interests: credit risk, intangible asset on corporate finance decisions) Test Score (GMAT): V38, Q50, AWA 4 , Total 730 96% Undergraduate: reputable school in China; Bachelor in Economics; Poor overall GPA: 3.00/4.00, but did good on relevant courses - Calculus and Linear Algebra etc. Graduate: Top school in Hong Kong; MSc in Finance; GPA: 3.83/4.00 References: Two professors from the grad school. They have not supervised me but I did great on their courses. Work Experience: 5 years banking experience in China (prior to the master's program). 2 years as a general investment analyst in Hong Kong. Qualifications: CFA Research Experience: - Master thesis in green bond, not published. Teaching Experience: none Questions or Concerns: - Should I just forget about the top 50 schools (or even top 100), given the low undergrad GPA? - Will the CFA help in any way in the admission process? - Also a bit worried about age, as I'm already 30 yo. - I'm also targeting programs in Canada. Are they less competitive than US ones? Thanks in advance!
  21. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Top in Asia (US news top 100 globally), no grad Cumulative GPA: 4.2/4.3 GRE: 170Q/164V/4AWA. Bad AWA score but I don't think I have time to retake. GRE Math: 970/98% Math Courses: PhD-level: Analysis I (A, taken at a top US school), Undergrad-level: Calculus (A+), Analysis I&II (A+), Functional Analysis (A+), Linear Algebra (A+), Abstract Algebra (A+), Ordinary Diff Eqns (A+), Optimization (A+), Probability (A+) Econ Courses: PhD-level: Micro I&II (A+, A), Econometrics I&II (A+, A), Topics in Theoretical Econ (A, taken at a top US school) Letters of Recommendation: 1) Econ Prof in top US b-school with 1.5 year RA work. Will be a strong letter based on our interactions. 2) AP in top US b-school with several months of RA work. Should be a strong letter. 3) Econ Prof in top US school. Will be a very strong letter. We coauthored a paper (not yet published but working towards that) Research Experience: 1 year in undergrad, 1.5 years full time after graduation Teaching Experience: None Programming skills: Stata Python R SQL Matlab Other: Some things to consider: 1. Plan to do micro (leaning towards theory) 2. I'll try top10 but given the covid situation, not sure about my chance.
  22. Hi all, I'm a senior looking to apply to PhD programs this year and am hoping to get a profile evaluation and possibly hear some advice on how to approach the next couple months. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: B.A. Economics at a private U.S. News Top 25 university Cumulative GPA: 3.85+ GRE: 169 Q / 165 V / 5.0 W Math Courses: Calc III (A-), Linear Algebra (A), Intro to Proofs (A), Ordinary Differential Equations (A), Probability and Statistics (A), Real Analysis (IP, but midterms were rough and I'm expecting a B+, hoping for an A- but it seems unlikely) Econ Courses: Intermediate Micro (B+), Intermediate Macro (A), Stats for Econ (A), Econometrics (A), Game Theory (A), Monetary Theory (A), Fiscal Policy (B, this was a study abroad class taught in a foreign language, and was not particularly quantitative, but I'm not sure how to indicate that the poor grade does not reflect my abilities the same way my other courses do?), International Macro (IP, expecting an A), PhD Micro I (IP, expecting an A), Thesis Seminar (IP, expecting an A). Letters of Recommendation: 1) Professor whose intermediate-level course I took and worked for briefly. 2) Professor whose upper-level elective course I took last year. 3) Thesis advisor I have fairly good relationships with each of these professors and am expecting their letters to be pretty strong. Research Experience: Worked for about 2-3 months as an RA for a professor before everything got shut down due to the pandemic Completed a summer research internship with a central bank in a developing country Senior honors thesis Teaching Experience: Have worked two semesters a grading assistant for econometrics, if that counts Research Interests: Labor economics, behavioral economics, political economy Programming Skills: Latex, Stata I haven't done a ton with the SOP yet, but will start working more on that this week. My biggest concern at the moment is how a B+ in real analysis will look on my transcript. I feel like I have a good understanding of most of the material that just isn't translating to doing well on the exams and am a bit frustrated with this. I'm also wondering how much an A in PhD Micro might potentially make up for this grade (as well as the grade from intermediate micro)? The other concern I have grade-wise is a B in my study abroad class, which was intended for native-speakers of a language that I am decent (but not fluent) in. The content was not super rigorous mathematically (my only grade was from a paper written in said foreign language, no tests or anything) and thus not reflective of my abilities, but I don't want to waste space in my SOP on something so trivial, so is there any other way for me to provide this context in my applications? I just want to make sure it isn't viewed equivalently to my other courses, since it definitely is not. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. I'm tentatively shooting for top 30 programs. Is this safe, and is top 20 even possible? I have gotten mixed feedback from my professors about how high I should be aiming. I've been told that top 20 is definitely possible, but I'm having trouble believing that, especially if I get that B+ in real analysis. Given my research interests, are there any particular schools you would recommend? Thank you! :) If you need any more info just ask and I'll be happy to reply.
  23. Hi everybody, I'm planning to purse a PhD in Economics. My profile is as follows: 1) Undergraduate degree from a low ranked non-US university: I topped my undergraduate class with the highest overall grade. ----------------------------------------------------------------- 2) MA at top 50 worldwide non-US university : Advanced Macroeconomics : C- International Economics : B- Mathematical Economics : B Microeconomics : B Advanced Microeconomics : A- Econometric Analysis : A- Macroeconomics : A Applied Econometrics : A **Clearly, never got an A+ which is the highest grade possible. ----------------------------------------------------------- 3) General GRE Quant percentile : 93% GRE math subject percentile : 83% (NOT the general GRE) ----------------------------------------------------------- 4) Five years of experience in non-academic economic research. ----------------------------------------------------------- 5) One solo pub at a top 30 journal (top field) --------------------------------------------------------- 6) Since my MA is not fresh and was based on coursework I can't get LORs from my grad school. (Honestly, when I did it I was determined that this will be my last academic degree so didn't care too much). However, I can get great LORs from my current employer and from my undergraduate school. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I want to apply to PhD programs reasonably: Based on my profile which PhD programs are: A) Too-high-but-worth-a-shot targets B) Reasonable targets C) Safe targets Thank you
  24. Hi all, I just took the GRE. I got a 166 Q and 156 V. I understand that 166Q might not be enough for top 20 and I am anyway applying to top 25-50. I gave all the free ETS practice tests, and even one of the paid tests -- I found quants on the actual test much harder than any practice test. I am a little apprehensive to take the test again and also financially constrained - I don't want to retake unless I have to. Should I let it go and focus on my SoP and research? I have been working an RA for more than a year now, have a work-in-progress paper and also have summer RA experience. Any suggestion would be appreciated! Thanks!
  25. PROFILE: Type of Undergrad: Low ivy school. Triple major in CS/ECON/MATH Cumulative GPA: 3.99/4.3 GRE: 170 Q/161 V/4.5 W (non-native English speaker) Math Courses: Linear Algebra(A+), Multivariable Calculus(A), Applied Algebra(A), Advanced Linear Alg(A-), Honor intro to analysis(A), Stochestic Process(A+), Numerical Analysis (A) Econ Courses: Intermediate Microeconomics(A+) & Macroeconomics(A), Statistics and Probability(A+), Econometrics(A), Game Theory(A+), Financial Engineering(A), Quantitative Analysis(A), Behavioral Economics(A-), Asymmetric Information(A), and International Trade(B-, oops!)Taking ECON PHD Micro I now, seems good so far CS Courses: Intro to Python(A), Object-Oriented Programming & Data Structure(A), Discrete Structures(A+), Data Structure & Functional Programming(A-), Machine Learning for Intelligent Systems(A), Algorithms(A), Computer Vision (A), and System Programming (A+) Letters of Recommendation: 1) Assistant Professor who I RAed for 8 months. He is also my thesis advisor (Super Strong) 2) Full Professor who I RAed for and took a class with. He was a top5 full professor before joining our school. (Strong) 3) Full Professor who I RAed for and took a class with. (Strong) Research Experience: 4 RA experiences with 2 Assistant Professors and 2 Full Professors. Asked 3 for LOR. Interned as undergraduate researcher for the AEA publication code-checking job. Teaching Experience: TAed 3 semesters for the Discrete Structure course and 2 semesters for the Machine Learning course (all in CS department) Programming skills: Python, Java, Matlab, Latex, R, STATA I am a bit concerned with my B- Econ course. I didn't feel well when I took the final. Does it harm a lot? Would it be reasonable for me to get a top 10 offer? Or top 5? What's gonna be the expected lowerbound for me? Should I apply to any program below top 25? Any advice would be appreciated.
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